(As I sheepishly hold my head down a little)... HELLO AGAIN..

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VSG on 03/11/15

Dear CAPPY.. (and this post started out as part of a reply to someone elses post but it is for Everyone) ... Well hello stranger... I have often wondered about you. When I first started out on my journey March 2015 you were one of my biggest inspirations.. There are quite a few that I have not seen on here also so perhaps we can "draw" them back in as well.. Yes, I am also "allergic" to carbs.. lol... Some people are lucky enough not to be so "carb sensitive" but then again, that is what got us to where we were when we started our journey. You always had such inspiring recipes.. Bring those back out.. I never got to goal weight of 150ish.. I made it down to 172 then my doctor started me changing my way of eating "no more protein shakes, get your protein from foods (which is a the right idea) but it took me out of my routine. Then started getting more slack and occasional treat here and there. So, now up to 198 (did hit 210 but kicked myself enough to get it under 200).. And like y'all, I have definitely had my stressors too.. Father passed, less than a year later, husband passed, then 5 back surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, raising a teenaged granddaughter, back to work (medical field), turned 70 and family begged me to retire.. So I retired this past May and time on my hands but cooking for a family of 5 and kind of hard to cook just for me.. Anyway, we all have things to deal with.. We need to just do it.. One biggest part of anyone "slipping the slippery slope" is the lack of one word..COMMITMENT.. No matter how we decide to try to get back on track, whether it be WW or Adkins or Keto or just journeling, none of it is going to work without COMMITMENT.. (I guess I need to remember how to make a new tracker because I'M COMMITTING TO GET DOWN TO .. well, get back down to at least 170.. and then keep going.. ) :)



on 9/1/20 8:14 am

Hi Psren13,

It is so nice to hear from you after all these years. As I read your post, I am so moved by the things you've had to survive these years. The fact that you've managed to get your weight to 198 speaks to your strength. You can do this.

I think you are so right about COMMITMENT. We all need to make the commitment to our health and keep fighting obesity. I remember my NP telling me that the sleeve is not a cure. It is a tool. Its a continuing fight. The sleeve doesn't guarantee weight loss, but it makes it possible.

Keep the faith, and please keep posting. I'll try to do the same.



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