What negative side effects did you have related to VSG?

on 9/8/20 2:38 pm

So....I am finally settled on having the sleeve, but my hair is already thinning some, and has been that way for a year as a result of some of my medications. NOW I need to get an idea if I might have more hair loss or anything else that I should be watching for when I have the surgery. Not that I am going to change my mind, but hoping to not have huge surprises.

Are there certain known side effects of VSG that most people have or can some have them and some won't? Did some of you have no negatives?


on 9/8/20 4:48 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

Only been 3 weeks since surgery, but no side effects so far. I try to get in at least 30mins of exercise each day. I drank some water to soon after eating and felt so bloated and stomach upset, so its very important to follow the half hour before, during, and after meals to wait to drink. I had a very smooth transition home following surgery and dont anticipate any concerns. I only took 2 pain pills when I came home, both at bedtime. The first morning I woke up I threw up water, I think because I didn't sleep well and had anxiety. Im driving fine, going out when necessary, and not lifting anything over 10 pounds. My suggestion is to follow the doctors orders!

White Dove
on 9/8/20 5:46 pm

Hair loss after surgery is called telogen effluvium. It happens about three months after surgery and lasts about six months. It varies from person to person. My hair thinned out very much on the top. I was using a powder to cover the bald spots and thinking about buying a hairpiece.

I finally had very good results with Nexium shampoo and treatments. For some people it is minor and not noticeable to others.

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on 9/9/20 7:08 am

White Dove, thank you for the product suggestion. I'm putting that on my list of helpful tips just in case, but it sounds like it's likely that I will have some hair loss, good to know.

Honestly it's so helpful to have responses from people who are now or have been on the same path. The nutritionist is helpful too, but you all are the real deal, appreciate your help!


on 9/9/20 6:46 am
RNY on 06/03/15

RNY'er here, but you can get hair loss with either surgery. Actually, hair loss is a potential side effect of ANY major surgery, not just WLS...(although I'm guessing you see it more after bariatric surgeries since we take in so few calories in the early months...)

I lost hardly any hair, so I doubt anyone noticed. It started around month 5 and lasted maybe three or four months for me...

another potential side effect of VSG is acid reflux. It doesn't happen to everyone, or even to a majority, but it happens to a significant enough minority that they'll usually caution you about it.

other than that, there are probably a few things here and there that happen to a handful of people, but the two I mentioned are probably the two most common side effects

on 9/9/20 7:31 am

catwoman7, good to know it can happen with either surgery; I've focused so much lately on the sleeve that I hadn't even asked that about other surgeries. I'll have to look into reflux and ask that question in my last nutrition class that is coming up very soon.

I have a good feeling as I get closer to surgery (although still nervous in some ways), and much of the credit for that good feeling comes from having more details about what I might experience. All of you who are responding are really helping, likely more than you know. Thank you!


on 9/9/20 5:57 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

My main side effect was that I would get tired and/or dehydrated easily. I felt great, and so I would forget that I had surgery recently, and would try to do too much. For example, I had no difficulty doing my regular job, but when I tried to give a presentation standing up, I got queasy and had to stop. (It wasn't nerves, I'm fine with public speaking.) Another time, I moved desks, and pushed my desk chair rapidly down a very long hall. By the time I reached my new desk, I was dehydrated and had to ask a colleague to bring me some water. Both of those incidents were about two months after surgery. It took about 4 months for the fatigue to go away completely.

I had no hair loss.

on 9/14/20 8:37 am


Thank you for this very different information, and no hair loss for you at all! This really does show that we are all individuals and can experience different things. Good to know, and it looks like it didn't get serious with you. I am aware that dehydration can be very serious in any situation. I am getting close!