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Good morning! It?s been a long while since I posted in this community. So long I had to set up a new account because I forgot my user name and password.

I had a vsg in 2015 and over time I?ve lost 120 pounds. I went from a high of 302 to a low of 184. I?ve bounced around some, but I think that?s normal. I always know what to do to get back in control and have the willpower to do it. I can motivate to exercise and fast and eat healthy. Except right now, I?m dealing with the recent loss of my mom. She died 12/11/2020 and I was her primary caregiver so my life has drastically changed. She declined in health over 8-10 months after a stroke. I spent many hours helping her and sitting with her. I still have my Dad to care for so my job isn?t over. I just can?t control my eating. I k ow it?s grief, I?ve talked to my doctor about increasing my antidepressants and have regular appointments with my therapist. I?m bipolar 2 and I deal with low level depression most of the time anyway.
I?m looking for encouragement and advice.

Thank you for reading and any help or words will be appreciated!


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Sorry about the passing of your Mother. Ours just passed away on January 19th & our Father passed away on August 3rd, 2020. I was the primary caregiver for both. I retired from my job January 2020 after 40 years with an insurance company to take care of them. Yes, it's a tough job but you can do it. You're doing the best you can. I'm a grazer, which is not good. That's how I got by. I usually eat the individual servings of puddings, applesauce, nut packages, etc. Also, to stay busy (it was hard) started packing our parents belongings & treasures. It was both tearful & joyful all the things there were. Anyway, good luck, take care.

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My wife Addy is Bipolar and had WLS.. I think she did a YouTube video on this.. check the link in my signature @AddyJoeTV

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