Recipe Sharing and Super Bowl Foods

on 1/27/21 6:30 am

Hi all!

What new bariatric friendly recipes have you discovered recently? Anything you've been craving and can't find something to fit the bill?

Anyone thinking ahead to super bowl food prep? In my house, we're planning on having a few friends that we work with every day over but nothing like we've had in previous years. I want to have healthy options that also feel game-day suited.

on 1/27/21 7:21 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I haven't discovered any new recipes, but I do crave all types of food. My go to food during the super bowl used to be chips (tostitos) and Mexican dip. I'm trying to get back on the weight loss boat but keep reaching for chocolates and not exercising. Great post, hope to see some food ideas to help me curve my appetite. My go to healthy foods are yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs.

on 2/4/21 6:43 am

We had this with dinner salads a few nights ago and it was very good. We're going to make a double batch for this weekend's festivities for sure.

Keto Cheese Bread Sticks

We also might try these:

Mozzarella Sticks

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Stuffed Peppers

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