Revision Considerations

on 3/31/21 10:59 am
VSG on 02/26/17

Hi Gang!! Has anyone considered having a VSG revision? I am 4yrs post op and feel the scale creeping back up. I did gain 12lbs since COVID, but the weight isn't the problem. I gained body fat and in trouble areas and clothes fit tighter than I would like them to.

Pre VSG: 352lbs

Post VSG: 221lbs

COVID: 235lbs

Weight goal: 210lbs

How can I get there? Is a revision realistic? Or maybe Lipo is a better option? I still have man boobs. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Cathy H.
on 3/31/21 7:12 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

What are you eating? If you lost the weight and kept it off for nearly 4 years, sounds like it's what you're eating that's the issue, not your tool. If your tool (VSG) is working fine, then you may have developed bad habits you need to re-break. Eat 4 ounces of chicken only, and wait 20 minutes. Are you full? If so, then your tool is working guess you'll find it is. If you had some other sort of medical issue that revision would cure, that would be one thing. But to actually consider a second major surgery because you put on a couple of pounds seems extreme and drastic, IMHO.

Also, revision surgery won't change where fat deposits itself on your body. Don't have revision for cosmetic reasons, that's just silly. Many people have lipo or other plastic surgery after losing all their weight and keeping it off, plus your body settles over time after huge weight loss, so that may be what you're seeing with the "trouble areas."

With a working tool, it's just a matter of cleaning up your diet, eating protein forward, and getting rid of any nasty bad habits you've picked up. You're tool will always continue to do its job if you do yours. Good luck!

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