Saying Hello

on 4/5/21 6:01 pm

Greetings from Arkansas!

I've been lurking for a while now and thought it was time to jump in and say hello. I'm hoping to have a sleeve done in the coming months and have my first appt with my doctor next week. Our insurance has a specific exclusion for wls so I will be private pay. Been researching options for that.

Anyway - just wanted to say hello and that I am thankful for this site. I've been doing a lot of reading and have gained a lot of helpful insight.


on 4/6/21 1:21 pm

Hello Lara! California Post-Op here! Glad you are here and I hope and wish nothing but wonderful things for your future. Welcome!

on 4/6/21 2:34 pm

Hello! Thank you for the kind reply. I actually spent my childhood and teens in California - the San Fernando Valley outside Los Angeles to be exact. I hope your post-op period has gone well and that things have been successful after your procedure.


on 4/6/21 5:23 pm
RNY on 04/15/19

Hi Lara! Glad to see you say hello and wishing you well on your weight loss journey!

on 4/7/21 6:45 am

Thank you - wishing the same to you...


on 4/7/21 7:50 am

Hello Lara! Some of the doctors offices work with programs that can help you with a payment plan. Hopefully the doctor you chose will. Best of luck and look forward to your updates.

on 4/7/21 8:01 am


The doctor's office did give me the name of a personal loan company (Prosper) - they don't do care credit. But we weren't considering that anyway as the interest rate is so high. I think we are going to cash in a retirement annuity account. If necessary we may go with either Light Stream or So Fi for a loan - they seem to keep showing up on top of "best of" lists.


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