Heavy Period on pre-op?????

on 4/7/21 3:15 am
VSG on 04/09/21

Has anyone experienced a heavy menstrual cycle during pre-op liver shrinking diet??? I had my period the week before I started the diet and then 3 days into the diet my period came back and it's been heavy and hasn't stopped for 9 days now my surgery is on Friday I really don't want to be on my period going to the hospital ughhhhhhhh

on 4/7/21 11:21 am
VSG on 06/11/18

I didn't experience that pre-OP, but it did happen to me years before. I contacted my physician. He gave me medication to stop my period (partly so that he could do a pap smear to make sure everything was OK). My period stopped within 12 hours. The pap smear was normal.

My advice: contact your primary care physician immediately.

on 4/9/21 7:17 pm
VSG on 04/13/21

Yes mine is exactly the same. I got mine again on the 3rd day of the two week pre-opt diet and it's super heavy. I have surgery Tuesday so I'm hoping it stops.

on 7/10/21 6:57 am
VSG on 06/28/21

For me, I have a Nexplanon progesterone implant (well this is my 3rd or 4th I believe, so 10+ years) and it completely stops my periods which is so good for me! Periods used to make me so anemic every month, and now I don't even think about it! I haven't had a period in 3+ years, but 1 week prior to surgery...SURPRISE!

The period itself was light and managable, but it came with little to no warning and lasted only 4 days, but still it shows that the pre-diet 'shock' can really throw your body's normal pattern out of sync. I'm expecting another period at the end of this month, as it wouldnt surprise me if the surgery has thrown off my hormones completely

My pre-diet was 4 weeks, 2x Optifast shakes a day and a small meal of 100g cooked protein with 2 cups of specific vegetables.

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