Anything New Re GERD?

Marilee M.
on 6/29/21 6:34 am - Holly Springs, GA

A couple of years' ago, I posted about having severe GERD after VSG. After developing an ulcer and taking Previcid for over 15 years which created osteoporosis and stage 3 chronic kidney disease, my gastroenterologist ordered a barium swallow and they found out that my esophageal sphincter is almost nonexistent. So, surgery is definitely needed.

I had an esophageal manometry test last week (nope, never doing THAT again) to determine which surgery can be done to stop the GERD. Apparently, there are now 3 and the gastroenterologist said that they will hopefully be able to do the magnet ring one.

I've asked this question on here before and really appreciate the responses I got, but it is 2 years' later and I wondered if anyone has had the same issues I have had and which surgery you had. Did it help and how much weight should I be expected to lose because of the surgery? I am going on 11 years post sleeve surgery and while I do want to lose about 10 pounds, I don't know how much I may lose post op from having my esophagus fixed.

Thanks everyone!