VSG Complications post- op 3 years

on 7/31/21 3:56 am
VSG on 12/13/18

Hey guys! I'm Ashley! New to the group, but old to the surgery, I had my VSG done 12/2018

01/2019 admitted to hospital for 5 days bc of GI Bleed (gastric sleeve leak)

through 2019 I was admitted approx. 6 times for severe abdominal pain , dehydration, vitamin depletion, medically uncontrollable pain (yes even with the "good stuff" I could not get better for days)

2020 I had Sphincter of Oddi Disfunction, and ERCP with stent placement, Pancreatitis (multiple flare-ups) and my Gall Bladder removed, and gastroparesis.

2021 I had a colonoscopy that came back perfect/ no issues in lower bowel or cancer

Before my surgery I have never been to ANY doctor for stomach pain. I never had issues at all. Last time I went to the ER is when I was birthing my daughter. I do not over utilize emergency services on purpose, but I have serious "crisis" that happen, absolutely randomly, and usually have to be managed with the ER.

Since 01/2019 to 2021 I have been to the ER 21 times and admitted 17 separate times. At one point in time, I was admitted on one occasion for 10 DAYS!! My insurance called me to see if I would be placed in a nursing home or palliative care, bc of how frequently I was being admitted and having surgeries and procedures. I have a lot of pain for no reason, I will go days without food and water bc I can't keep anything down. My blood work usually shows these results bc I am depleted of everything.

I am 29 years old, with a binder, literally a BINDER to carry my health records in. This is crazy!! It makes it 10x WORSE when a doctor in the ER sees my "frequent flyer" medical history in the ER and labels me as a drug seeker. Like he flat out says I just want to get high. He denied me test, and labs. I left AMA crying my eyes out and humiliated. This infuriates me bc I do not deserve this "label." I have contacted the hospital, filed a complaint, and a medical records amendment form, but I want to go further, and I think I have every right. I haven't gotten confirmation from the hospital that they are going to amend my records just yet, still waiting on a phone call from administration. I don't want to make anyone lose their job, but I want the state to know what I have endured from the staff at the ER, and the negligence.

Does anyone with this knowledge want to help me do this the right way?

*** and has anyone had any issues similar to mine? Please reach out if you have!

White Dove
on 8/5/21 10:13 am - Warren, OH

If you are going days without food or water because you cannot hold anything down, and they cannot find a cause, then you may need to be on a feeding tube and get IV hydration. This could be done with home nursing assistance.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 8/26/21 10:43 am

You may need to try to find a great gastro or a great bariatric surgeon that may help you.

Having VSG and gastroparesis may cause number of issues you are dealing with.

Some people get converted to RNY type procedure to (removing pyloric valve) to help with stomach - sleeve emptying.

I had RNY but I deal with small intestines low motility, and it could be a challenge. Right now (last few weeks) I have been issues with food not going through, just staying in my intestines, and causing severe headaches. I would eat for 1-2 days, then next I try to get my bowels to move, just drinking liquids, taking things to make things move along.

I have IBS-C and I had that before my WLS surgery, but it was noting compared to what I deal with after the RNY.

Maybe some nerves had been cut, or something got messed up due to multiple abdominal surgeries I had since RNY, or my SIBO and Candida got really out of control.

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