10 years post VSG

on 8/22/21 9:13 pm - OH

10 years our still believe it was the right choice for me I have maintained a 88 pound loss and have no regrets just checking in lol

     I'm Still a work in progress, I wont give up the quest to reclaim my life, I will be whole again someday!
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Kristin B.
on 9/22/21 2:33 pm - West Des Moines, IA
VSG on 05/17/08 with

I still have maintained my 100+ weight loss and have no regrets either.

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on 11/13/21 6:51 am - IN
VSG on 11/20/12

After going from 252 lbs to 134 lbs, I settled in comfortably at 150 lbs for several years. I looked good and felt good. After 3 personal losses and subsequent depression, I slipped up and regained 40 lbs of undesired weight in the last few years. I am coming up on my 9 yr sleeversary and have removed all but 19 lbs and will have that off by the end of the year, I know it. I got lazy and stopped tracking my nutrition but now track it everyday in My Fitness Pal and have two accountability partners and we are sharing our journeys through that app. For me, tracking and accountability are key to my success. The area I still struggle with is even though I am a very active gardener and home improvement junkie that helps me burn a lot of calories when doing those things, I never established and stuck to a good workout routine. That has been a lifelong problem. In August through October, I was walking 4 miles a day. But November rolled in with cold and cloudy weather and that screamed to a halt. I have joined the local Y, but still having trouble getting motivated. I know this last 19 lbs is going to take longer as a result. I am still losing and making good food choices. I still cannot eat as much as I used to. One thing that has kept me in check for sure is that there are still a lot of foods I cannot eat without getting foamies and an upset stomach. That is the one aspect of the surgery that others see as a negative, but I see as a positive. My stomach simply cannot tolerate high carbs like mashed potatoes, or spicy foods and I cannot digest meat unless I chew diligently and slowly. But the funny thing is, I was able to eat buttered popcorn like it was going out of style! It literally was an every night thing for several months. That habit is now in check, as I actually burned myself out on it. I eat a lot of fish which I love. No more shoveling in bites of food without a care. I have to be a mindful eater. I am very impressed that you were able to stay on track.

on 12/1/21 5:43 am
VSG on 11/19/14

Hi - I had the VSG on 11/19/14, There is a daily menu thread on Rouxny page that you should consider participating in. Many VSG folks are on there as well. Check it out. I highly recommend it

Pre- Surgery/ Type 2 Diabetes, High BP and Cholesterol, treated with 6 medications, including Insulin. Post Op- Off all Medications and remain medication free.

HW - 299 , Consult day weight - 277, Day of surgery ( 11/19/2014) - 259,LW - 178, GW - 205 , CW - 216.8 - 11.8 lbs to goal

on 1/19/22 7:04 pm
VSG on 01/26/15


5'7" HW 256 (1/6/2014) SW 236.2 (VSG: 1/26/2015) CW 165.5 (01/10/2016) Total Weight Lost 90.5
Pre-Op: -19.8; Month 1: -19; Month 2: -12.7; Month 3: -9.9; Month 4: -7.2; Month 5: -6.4; Month 6: -2.8; Month 7: -3.7; Month 8: -4.2; Month 9: -0.6; Month 10: -2.1; Month 11: -0 Month 12: -2.1

GOALS: BMI Normal = 159 (6.5 to go); 100 LBs Lost = 156 (9.5 to go); FINAL GOAL: 139?? (26.5 to go)