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White Dove
on 9/26/21 11:38 am - Warren, OH

Anyone can starve and exercise and lose a lot of weight. Everyone or about 97% regain it all within five years. After weight loss, 50% regain 50% within five years I accept that I will be dieting and exercising for life.

I am one who completely lost my hunger and it has never come back. But I do remember one day when I went more than ten hours without eating and I did get hungry that evening. I never let that happen again.

I never feel hunger as long as I eat four or five small meals during the day. Usually about 200-300 calories per meal and three to four hours apart.

It is not magic but it is so much easier to diet when I have no hunger and can no longer eat a large quantity of food at one time. I do follow Weigh****chers, so can eat any food I want as long as I track it. That means absolutely no cravings. I am almost 14 years out and today was 15 pounds over my goal weight. It seems like I do gain a pound a year.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

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