on 11/11/21 5:43 pm


Im 5 years out.. 49 y/o female. I think I'm pre menopause... which doesn't help weight loss. Curious if anyone belongs to WW and is it helping? thanks

on 11/13/21 6:22 am, edited 11/12/21 10:22 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

there are a few people who post on the RNY menu thread who've belonged (or still do...). Hopefully they'll see this - or if not, you can always post this on that thread (there are other sleevers who post there since there's no longer a VSG menu thread). If you do, post during the week since not many people are on on the weekends.

on 11/14/21 10:10 am

thank you I'll post there!

White Dove
on 11/13/21 6:17 pm - Warren, OH

I had RNY in 2007. Without Weigh****chers, I would not have kept the weight off. I attend online meetings almost every day. Their virtual meeting format has improved immensely since COVID. I am carrying about 12 pounds over my goal weight, but the support from WW helps me to stay on plan. The amazing thing about WW is that I can eat anything as long as I count the points. I never feel any form of being deprived and that makes all the difference.

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on 11/14/21 10:11 am

Can you share what an average day looks like? Do you track calories too? Thanks again!