Calories 5 yrs out/49 year old woman

on 12/29/21 1:41 pm

Just curious if anyone has gotten sound guidance on how many calories are really needed for weight loss? I dont trust the online TEE calculators.. I think they're too high. I'm 49/ woman.. peri meni I think.. and I'm 5 years out sleeve. I have 40 lbs to lose .. I'd love to lose 10 at this point.

If anyone has gotten professional input on this I'd love to hear it.

on 12/30/21 11:52 am - CA

Your sense about the TDEE (and BMR, basal, or resting, metabolic rate) calculators is correct - you can't trust them. They are good at telling us what our metabolism should be but not what it actually is. Unfortunately our trip through obesity land means that ,our metabolism often isn't what it should be, which is why it is usually so difficult to lose weight. Our WLS should help to correct that to varying degrees, depending upon procedure, technique and individual quirks.

A professional will gauge your metabolism in a couple of different ways. Typically a nutritionist may use a body composition scale, or its analog, a pair of handles that you grip to determine your fat mass, lean mass, etc., from which can be derived a BMR figure, which can be only slightly better than the online calculators, as it still uses mathematical algorithms based upon averages of normal people. There is also a Vox test that can be done where you breath into a device and it determines your metabolic rate from your respiration, but it too, is algorithmically based upon normal people, but is it is more individualized.

The best method that I have come up with to get your individual needs is to track your intake for a couple of months, with MFP or one of the other tracking apps or programs, and take your average daily intake (which hopefully is relatively consistent.) Is your weight stable in that time; gaining, losing? If it's stable then you have a decent ballpark figure for your own total metabolism, and you can work from there. Classically, if you can cut 500 calories per day from that figure, that should lead you to an average loss of about a pound a week, or five pounds per month. If your metabolism is way off, then you may not lose quite that fast, but it gives you a reference point. My metabolism wasn't too bad when I was losing after my VSG, as I was losing around 10 lb per month at about 1100 calories per day as I was nearing goal weight, which works out to my total metabolism being somewhere around 2100. Sure enough, as I ramped things up to go into maintenance, I wound up right in the 2000-2200 calorie range. YMMV, but it does give you a ballpark reference point.

Good luck on bringing it back down,

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