15 yrs post op

Candace N.
on 3/27/22 10:38 pm

May 2022 makes 15 yrs post op for me. I haven't lost all that I wanted to, but I gained a lot recently while taking a new medication. I'm looking for current guidelines for eating. My surgeon is deceased. I now have a Medicare plan which doesn't cover a nutritionist. Feel a little lost and uninformed as to what are present day guidelines and preferable food and drinks. Would appreciate if someone can show me a (re)starting point or offer suggestions for nowaday guidelines.

on 3/28/22 9:49 am - Putnam, CT
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Pop over to the RNY board. It is the most active and there is a daily menu thread. Lots of helpful suggestions there and it is a mix of RNY, VSG, and I think a DSer or two.

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Candace N.
on 3/28/22 10:41 am

Oh, thank you very much!! I had not logged into OH in 10 yrs, so definitely need direction here as well! ð?'?

Maureen K.
on 5/30/22 10:34 am

I just popped back in as well I am 14 years out and recently gained some weight back too

So I am trying to go back to what I did after surgery going to do protein shakes for at least a week -

then soft foods - then cut all sugar alcohol and carbs and see if I cant get back to my comfortable

weight - it isnt alot 10 pounds but i know too well that if i let it keep going I all be right back to where

I was . So Ill be posting daily about my journey wishing you the best


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