14 years Later

Maureen K.
on 5/30/22 10:29 am

Hey Yall -

Im back !!!!!!! Why you ask after all this time well I need to get back to basics

and accountability. I moved to Tennessee 2 years ago and have since put on

TEN pounds which I believe now is why they call this gorgeous state TENnessee lol

Anyway I did really well my lowest and most comfortable weight was 135 i didnt mind

fluctuating around 135 TO 140 HECK I was even comfortable at 143 but today after not weighing

regularly I stepped on the scale and it said 153 ------- Oh hell no I am not going back there .

So i have decided to go back on protein shakes for a week then cut all carbs sugar alcohol

I really need to get back and I know the longer you keep the weight on the harder it is to get

it off - So hear I am confessing my eating sins asking for support as I come back and share how my

journey is going each day. Thanks you all this group has always helped me and I appreciate yall more

than you know.

Cheers with water of course


SW - 223  CW- 130 GW- 140  Start Sz 18 Current Sz 4 Ht. 5'6"
 BA- LBL/TT 11/3/09


White Dove
on 5/30/22 3:56 pm - Warren, OH

My goal weight is 136. The day after Christmas I was 155. Up 5 in a week. I gave myself until Memorial Day to lose it again. Today I am 135. I exercise almost everyday and attend Weigh****chers online daily. Also weigh daily. Make your plan and stick to it.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 8/2/22 6:31 pm - 36454 Jamar Divide Suite 933 Blue River,, KY

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