Ok day one update 14 years later

Maureen K.
on 5/31/22 5:47 am

Ok -

so I made a plan and I'm trying to tell myself baby steps - you see Hubby and I moved to a community 2 years ago it's like living on vacation everyday

we play games a friends house - we drink wine and appetizers on the dock -

we boat- we jet ski - we golf so it is super hard to put unreal expectations on myself so rather than giving up and throwing in the towel on my first day I'm instead going to say what I did ok and each day will get better and easier -

so I started off with my morning tea

lunch I had a protein shake

dinner I was suppose to have a shake again but hubby grilled a filet minon ugh and cauliflower

so I ate about a inch cube of steak and couple florets of cauliflower had water to drink

was still hungry a couple hours later so I ate three jalapeño stuffed green olives lol

not too terrible and the he scale today came down one pound

wish me luck report back tomorrow ???

on 5/31/22 7:44 am
RNY on 06/03/15

if you're interested, you're always welcome to join the RNY menu thread. We post our menus every day. And we welcome VSG'ers. They used to have their own menu thread but now only the RNY one remains - we do have a couple of VSG'ers who have joined us.

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

HW: 373 SW: 316 GW: 150 LW: 138 CW: 163