14 years later days 2-3-4 update

Maureen K.
on 6/3/22 6:21 am

Ok you life takes over sometimes -

anyway I'm still hanging there not as good as I expected this is hard y'all don't get comfortable with old bad habits

so technically I have been doing well

a hard boiled egg - water - protein shake

a little chicken and a slice of tomato

my slip up was I had 2 glasses of wine last nite ugh

and my kids and grandkids arrive today for a week so this will continue to be a challenge but I got to do it - I'm still only down 1 pound this is going to take awhile to get off but I believe I can do it .

I'll check back with you in later this week staying accountable wish me luck ??


SW - 223  CW- 130 GW- 140  Start Sz 18 Current Sz 4 Ht. 5'6"
 BA- LBL/TT 11/3/09


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