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Lori G.
on 9/19/22 10:13 am - CA

Aloha All -

My surgiversary flew by without me remembering to thank it for giving me my life back. 210 pounds home and has stayed off for 14 years thanks to Protein first always.

*Exercise daily (I swim/ aquasize daily on my own in whatever water is around -> pool, Lake Tahoe, Pacific Ocean) and if I have the time, I'm in the water for 2 hours. Best new toy (1.5 yrs now) - a waterproof MP3 player that was $29 when I bought it , now they run $49 but are super easy to use and load your favorite tunes on. I travel with my aquasize belt, music player and resistance mitts EVERYWHERE- Hawaii, San Diego, Tahoe- it is my happy place.

*Follow your rules - Protein first, 6 small meals/day, I have some protein or fat in every meal to slow BG spikes , no eating/drinking at the same time, minimal processed foods except 2 protein shakes/day to ensure I'm at 90 G protein/day, I do not miss bread, rice or pasta AT ALL and popcorn is my friend at movies. No fruit juices, I'd rather have the fruit itself with some almonds or a piece of cheese or peanut butter.

Be well, thanks Dr Asbun for my sleeve!

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