Struggling to find Vitamins with no sucralose.

on 10/30/22 5:26 pm
VSG on 09/26/22

I get terrible headaches from anything sugar free. I had asked at a store before I spent 60.00 if the vitamins had any sucralose and the clerk said no. They were mail order. I began taking them a week out of surgery and noticed every morning I woke with a headache. I thought it might just be all the adjustments my body was going thru but I should have checked the ingredients. Sure enough, sucralose. So I cant use them at all. Ive spent most of this weekend searching for Bariatric vitamins without artificial sweetener but Im having trouble. Does anyone else have this issue with artificial chemicals in their vitamins?

Ideally Id love an unsweet powder to mix in water or a quick melt if anyone knows of one, but at this point of not being able to get vitamins into my system for a few days I will take anything made with no sugar, monk fruit or stevia.

Sweets actually turn my stomach and I find I prefer the sours (Lemonade etc)

I know its very important to take them but I cant function with the headaches so any help would be so apprecaited.

on 11/2/22 7:38 am - CA

It sounds l like your trying to use a chewable or gummy type vitamin, which will be hard to find without any kind of sweetener. The normal capsule or tablet forms don't usually have any in them (just checked the costco analog of centrum that I take, and nothing beyond the basic matrix/filler in there.) If you can't take a tablet whole yet (I didn't have any problem with them after the first few days,) then perhaps you can crush them and dilute in water (and chase it with more water to wash out the taste.)

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