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on 7/4/21 11:52 am
Topic: RE: Day 6 of pre liquid diet
On July 4, 2021 at 6:50 PM Pacific Time, catwoman7 wrote:

I wouldn't. I never went off mine. There will be plenty of time in the future to have an occasional splurge - but I would really stay on the straight and narrow now.

Thank you for the support! I have to admit I'm feeling pretty awesome on this liquid diet. Day 7 was much easier!

on 7/4/21 10:22 am
Topic: RE: Day 6 of pre liquid diet

Truly needed to hear this! Thank you for the support!

on 7/3/21 4:17 pm
Topic: RE: Day 6 of pre liquid diet


I started this journey December 24 and I was 424 pounds

today I am 362

I am on day six of the liquid diet and I've been 100% successful with no cheating

however we all know tomorrow is Fourth of July! I've done an awesome job of sticking to the script besides a few shortcomings in the past seven months

I'm finally get particularly hard to stick on the journey as I have until July 12 to get the surgery done.

has anyone went off the script on the liquid diet for one day one meal only?

I normally do premiere protein in a blender with ice and two packs of Splenda.

Please share your experiences being on your liquid diet!

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