5 years later

Sharon L.
on 5/7/11 2:18 am - Tulsa, OK
I had my 5 year anniversary last month and thought I should post reflections upon my journey.  I had Gastric Bypass in April 2006.

For the sake of full disclosure I have had continuing health issues - but these are NOT related to the surgery - but do keep me from exercising (even walking) as much as I would like.

I started the journey at 372 - got down to 180 and then my health issues reappeared -(these issues are around a non-healing ulcer on the bottom of my foot - recurrent infections etc.   I had the first of these BEFORE by GBS).

 I am now very stable at 210-215.  Would I rather be about 30-40 pounds lighter - yes - but given the fact that I cannot exercise - I am happy with my weight.

My goals for the surgery were to resolve my diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and high cholesterol - and honestlyy to look better.

Have I accomplished my goals?  Yes all except the high blood pressure - had to go back on meds - but is better than it was.  Been off all other meds (related to weight type issues) since 6 month after surgery.

Would I do this again???  Yes.   BUT - there are times that I get mad that I had the surgery.   When I am fighting depression regarding my other health issues -  I WANT a greasy hamburger - but know if I tried to eat one  - would get sick and suffer from it.  I can eat a few bites - but you know when you are wanting to medicate with food =- a few well moderated bites won't do it.   But that passes and I am glad that I have my "regulator" in place.

Is this surgery for everybody - NO.   I have friends who have - for various reasons eaten their way back up to close to where they were.   I have to maintain constant vigilance and even 5 years out - my main source of food is protein shakes.   I still have 1 - 2 a day.   But this is my choice.  I know if I did not I would be back over 300 in a blink of an eye.  What the surgery did for me was give me a tool to use - I still have to do the work.   Even though I was told that before surgery - I do not know that I really heard it.

So for anyone considering GBS (and would assume the same is true for lsp band)  - please know this is true and if you are not ready to make the necessary life-long commitment - then wait.

Good luck to all -

It is never too late to become what you were meant to be...

(deactivated member)
on 5/9/11 6:20 am
So happy to see your post!!! I'm almost the same as you - I will have my 5-year anniversary in 3 months. My top weight was something like 350. I had a tremendous weight loss and got down below 130 for a little (very little) while. It was my hope to level off at 140-145, and after Year 2 it looked like I would. Then .. all of a sudden ... I was 150, 160, 170 ...

I have started losing again by counting calories. Fortunately, I don't have any health problems to keep me from working out, and I've been fairly faithful about that all along, I was just grazing too much and making poor food choices. I have been using an app on my iPhone to keep track of calories and it's been quite the eye-opener. Turns out I was taking in 600 calories a day in peanut butter alone. I'm hopeful I'll see the 140's again by the end of the summer, but like you, I'm still relatively happy with my success. It ain't easy, is it?

I'm so tickled to hear your story and wish you so much luck. Most of the posts I see are from people 1-to-2 years out, and though I like reading their stories, it's good to hear from somebody like you.
jenna F.
on 5/13/11 1:15 am
 Congrats! Great to hear stories of others that are farther out then 1-2 years. I am almost 10 years out and have 25lbs to lose to get back to my lowest. I am using Visalus to help me with this. I lost 15lbs in 3 months not working out and now I am at the gym 5 days a week trying to get my body fat down as well as the numbers on the scale!

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