5DPT - Day Two and ramblings

on 6/2/11 1:24 am
I'm dying. I'm still having the cravings to gnaw my fingers off..my cuticles are bleeding from where I've bitten them so much - yikes.

Yes, I'm going through gum like there's no tomorrow. Made it through day one with protein shakes and cream soup. I will say I slipped a bit and had some cottage cheese because I thought I was going to be sick at work and didn't have another shake here. Working on Shake #2 right now.

Tonight I go to a new support group (just moved to the area and tonight will be my first meeting). I'm hoping that there are WLS Grads there to sympathize and discuss farther post-op issues with. Newbie post-ops are great to meet, however, because I get inspired as I see them drop the weight and I am reminded of my journey and how hard I fought and it reaffirms everything I'm doing fighting the long forever battle.

Can't wait for tomorrow to get here already!

First: I get EGG WHITES and COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!!! Two of my favorite foods

Second: I have a PCP Dr's appt to talk about pouchie issues - been having problems with bloating, ulcers - and no, i never take NSAIDs or drink, or smoke or any of that stuff, I've been on ulcer and cramping meds for nearly 3 years now but they still aren't helping. I'm also having to water load between meals since about 6 months post-op (I drink > 4 liters a day of ONLY water plus my shakes, etc) - doc thinks I might have a stretched stoma but since I was stationed overseas I didn't have access to a WLS specialist to follow up with. Here's hoping he'll write my referral to the specialist!

Thanks for listening to my off the wall ramblings.


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on 6/3/11 5:00 pm - Lincoln, DE
Hi Cass,
I just finished reading your last two posts and i wanted to say that i, too have been having bloating issues (iam 5 1/2yrs out). it has come on quite suddenly in the past month or so, sometimes i appear 6 months pregnant! (andi have had a total hyster so i know its not a baby or ovarian cancer).  I just saw a post wls youtube vlog where the patient was also having probs with bloating and she said that her doc said it was related to post RNY food intolerances (in her case nuts) and i recently read an article that many post RNYs develope gluten sensitvity! just some "food for thought". i will defintely be speaking to my doc about it; especially because bloating can also be a sign of blockages or intestinal torsion. 
i also can very much relate to your struggle with the 5day PT. i have tried it several times and never quite made it the full 5 days,but just 2 to 3 days usually gets me back on the right track! 
good luck, im pulling for you!
on 6/6/11 2:05 am - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Hi Cass,

Did you make it the whole 5 days?  I didn't.... feel like a failure.  But, on the other hand, I lost 2.5 pounds....  this week I'm doing my protein shakes and 1 meal a day.... whether this is wise or not... I don't know....

Just being more conscientious of things seems to be hlelping.  Not drinking too soon after meals, filling up on protein first etc....

Best wishes to you!
on 6/6/11 3:20 am
Nope - I didn't make it. I made it great until day three when we had to go out of town and spend 12 hours on the road - not kewl. Also before we left that day, I went to see my primary care doc who told me that I needed to QUIT THE LIQUID DIET! and eat "normal" until he could get me in for a CT Scan Wednesday and to see a gastrointerologist to do a scope in a week or so... he thinks part of my prob might be something is up with my pouch. I'm like DANG IT..so like you, I'm just eating a bit better and trying to reduce the 'snacking' more... I've lost about 3 pounds though and at least I'm a bit more aware. After I go to the docs and get my scope done, I'm going to try it again...hopefully this time with a bit more success.


Starting BMI under 45? Join us on The Lightweight Board. 
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on 6/6/11 7:25 pm - Laßnitzhöhe, Austria
Wish you all the best with the CT and scope, I hope they get the answers you need and that they aren't too complicated!! Keep me informed!

Best wishes!!
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