Acid Reflux?

Marti P.
on 9/26/11 6:57 am - San Jose, CA
I had my Realize band installed Aug. 4, 2008 and currently have 6.4 in my band.  Over the last several days I have experienced an occasional taste in my mouth that I would describe as similar to the bottom of a ho****er heater or the bottom of my purse after a year!  Is that Acid Reflux and if it is, who do I consult about it?

Marti in San Jose

on 9/30/11 10:24 am
Do not let this go.  Acid reflux can be dangerous if you dont take care of it.
Marti P.
on 9/30/11 10:42 am - San Jose, CA
Well it happened twice last weekend and it hasn't happened since.  I told a therapist two days ago and since it hadn't reoccurred, she didn't think it was anything to get excited about.

on 10/6/11 12:18 am - Anoka, MN
I eat too late at night so I have to take tums every night or I get pain.
Marti P.
on 10/6/11 2:41 pm - San Jose, CA
Oh, I don't get pain, it's a back wash of some icky tasting fluid.  It's come back a couple of times since I first mentioned it.  Nothing regular.

Thank you for responding.  It's evident no one comes here very often.

on 10/13/11 8:27 am
I had never had heart burn before in my entire life until about 8 months ago..
Got so bad that it felt like a knawing in my stomach, I was burping and my gut was gurgleing.
My GP prescriped Prilosec and it worked but I was not happy taking it so much.
I started getting it over the counter because of the expense of the prescription and I didn't see and end in sight. I'd stop and the heart burn came back with a vengence.

I started researching and found that the problem could be caused by menopause.
The only other menopause symptom I had was headaches and heart paps..
I went to see my GYN and he put me on BioIdentical hormones and I am free of heart burn etc, headaches, but I still get the heart thumps, usually in the mornings.

I don't know if this will help you any...

I wish someone would have told me..I wouldn't have suffered so long!
I'm 54 years old, I'm 10 months menopausal..
I was glad to know that it wasn't my RNY!!!
Marti P.
on 10/13/11 8:46 am - San Jose, CA
Thank you for your kind response.  Nope, no similarity there!  !'m 68.  It happens only occasionally, so I guess I will live with it until escalates.Just had my 3 year check up with the doc and he said I am one of his most successful patients.  Still vary between 141-144 lbs.

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