I need help, 4 years post op and cant eat!!

Robin H.
on 3/2/12 1:46 pm - Boise, ID
 Hey everyone! I am just over 4 years out from surgery. Since my surgery I have lost 260 lbs, I got too small and forced myself to gain 15 lbs back. I have been stable with my weight for about a year and a half now. I am starting to get VERY concerned though. Since surgery every once in awhile I would go a few weeks with eating problems, getting sick after I eat. It has always passed in the past. the last 2 months have been HELL. Every time I eat anything i get EXTREMLY sick. Cramping, nasuea, diarreah (almost immediatly), searing pain through my pouch and intestines, hard to breathe (pain under my rib cage), lethargic. It is very very painful For a little bit i thought it might just be dumping syndrome, because heck thats what all the symptoms sound like. Over the last 2 weeks this has been getting worse and worse. After 2 bites the sickenss will start and i'm miserable. Since my surgery I have been very strict about my eating, still to this say I eat high protein, low carb, I check everything I eat, If a serving has over 7 grams of sugar i wont put it in my body. 

I know I should probably go see my surgeon, but we had a falling out about a year and a half ago and he said he will no longer see me for anything. I lost my job a few weeks ago and am unemployed and don't have any insurance. So i'm really at a loss for what to do. 

I have been doing some reasearch and I think i am going to try the 5 day pouch test, mostly to see how i do with protein shakes (I dont seem to have problems with fluids other than soups). 
Does anyone have any advice on what i can or should do? Im kinda lost at this point and its getting out of control and starting to affect every aspect of my life..

Thank you!

I stand in awe of my body.
- Henry David Thoreau

on 3/2/12 11:54 pm - Niagara Falls, Canada
I'm sorry your feeling so yucky. It sounds like it might be something serious. Is there another WLS surgeon in your area you could see? Or even a reg doc that could order a swallow test to see what's going on? Do you still have your gallbladder? The pain sounds like gall stones but I'm offering a guess.

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Robin H.
on 3/3/12 12:17 am - Boise, ID
 We have a free clinic I am going to try and get into but it is VERY hard to get seen since there are so many people in need. I had my gall bladder out when I was 13 and also my appendix last year, so it cant be those lol. Thank you for replying!
I stand in awe of my body.
- Henry David Thoreau

on 3/3/12 5:26 am - NS, Canada
Hi Robyn,

I think, as well, that you need to see a Dr. as soon as possible.  I would think you would be a priority at even the free clinic once you explain your history.  If you can't get in there quickly enough, I think you should speak to family/friends and ask for their help and contact another bariatric surgeon's office.  Does your former surgeon have a partner or associate who might see you? 

All the very best to you and please keep us posted.

Mary Jane
Robin H.
on 3/3/12 6:31 am - Boise, ID
My mother had surgery here in town with another dr. who has the same PA as my surgeon and she knows me well. I'm hoping they will be willing to see me. I've been on liquids all day today with protein shakes. I tried eating a string cheese to cut the hunger but just the one cheese made me very sick. Ive been trying different protein drinks. The one I had this morning only had 3g of sugar in it but it was SO SWEET.. I felt like i was drinking pure sugar and had problems getting it down. I'm going to keep trying though.
I stand in awe of my body.
- Henry David Thoreau

on 3/4/12 2:02 am - NS, Canada

The PA option sounds good, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.  Surely she will see you once she knows your situation.

Have you tried greek yogourt?  With it not being sweet it may be an option for you.

Take good care of you,

Mary Jane
on 3/5/12 12:40 am - New Bern, NC

I'm glad to see from the other posts that you are getting to a doctor soon, hope that they can help because what you've described as got to SUCK...I just wanted to chime in and say what a great job you are doing making yourself eat and keep doing the right things even though it is extremely difficult - I don't know that I would have the same strength, so I'm just sending my applause to your conviction...

Stay strong girl, prayer to you that things will get better soon...

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Robin H.
on 3/6/12 10:31 am - Boise, ID
 I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow, I have just been getting worse. Ive stopped eating and just drinking a protein shake a few times a day and staying hydrated. Ive been throwing up for about 3 days now pretty constantly....something funny did happen today though  i was driving and felt like i was going to puke..so i pulled over at a gas station and before i could get to the bathroom i started puking.. some guy ran up to me, instead of asking if i was ok, he asked for 5 dollars.. mid puke..it was soooooo weird.
I stand in awe of my body.
- Henry David Thoreau

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