chronic constipation

Susan M.
on 11/1/12 9:31 pm - MA

I'm 4 years out from RNY gastric bypass and for the past two months have had severe constipation.  Dr suggested Miralax and it has been helping.  Often times it feels like a lump in my stomach.  I've lost 8lbs  since Sept due to vomitting and haven't been able to eat much at all. I had a visit with a GI doc and having an endoscopy in two weeks. Has anyone experienced this?

It also seems that Dr's do not have knowledge on issues that occur long after gastric bypass.  Dr's seem so concerned with complications right after surgery only,


H.A.L.A B.
on 11/2/12 9:05 am

I have to take magnesium. I take mag citrate with my calcium , then I take 800+ mg of mag oxide (capsules - 400 each) every night.

Our body can use some magnesium and any Extra magnesium will act as stol softener. That and fat - regular fat in my diet, makes me very regular.

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on 11/2/12 8:51 pm - North Adams, MA

I gastric bypass surgery 14 years ago and still suffer from constipation. I take Mirlax twice a day which doesn't always help me either. What has really helped me when I have been in so much pain is to mix 8 ounces of prune juice with 3 tablespoons of Milk of Mom and 8 ounces of Gingerale then heat it in your microwave until hot then drink it. Yes it sounds disgusting but it does help especially if you have ever had pain in your stomach from being constipated so bad. I work as a CNA and when our patients have tried this it has helped them. Karli

Jody H.
on 11/3/12 9:25 am - Des Moines, IA

A daily morning ****tail of Crystal light (peach iced tea for me),  Miralax, and then benefiber (or generic equivalent) - help tremendeously.    Constipation hurts. 



Susan M.
on 11/4/12 1:47 am - MA

Thank you everyone for your suggestions!  The dr suggested Miralax twice a day so I am trying that. 

Michelle E.
on 11/19/12 4:37 am

Miralax, Lactulose, adding Soluble fiber helps me. Increasing water. You might have an inflamed/restricted stoma. I had mine dilated 2xs.

Carol S.
on 11/23/12 8:42 am - Milwaukee, WI

If none of this stuff is helping there is a new medication called Amitiza.


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9 Years out.
on 1/25/13 12:11 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94

I had chronic constipation for 11 years. I tried: more fiber, less fiber, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, no fiber, both fibers, stool softeners, Smooth Moves & Correctol teas and Metamucil wafers, together, apart, more water, less water, cut out anything bu****er (and protein), senna, cascara sagrada, everything one could possibly try until I was basically dependent on enemas for 3 yrs.

Miralax helped the stool be passable. It was rx and finally became generic, so went from $80 for 3 months to $20 for 3 months. Now it is OTC, but is about $8 for 5-6 servings. If you can get the rx, it is much cheaper, safe, daily, for life, according to my GI doc.

The stool softeners are store brand equal to Colace, not PERI-colace.

Word was that magnesium citrate was such a great thing. This is pills, not the green bottle, so I tried it and nothing happened, and so I kept increasing it. What DID happen is that my foot and leg cramps ceased. So, I kept doing that and tried magnesium oxide. This is small, cheap, found anywhere, like drug stores. And finally, it worked. Mine are 500 mg and I take 2.

My final formula:
1 serving MiraLax (rx) *
4 stool softeners at night
1 mag ox with lunch, 1 with dinner

In the morning, hot beverage first thing on empty gut

This has worked for several years yrs now.

* MiraLax was rx only until the end of 2007, and is now generic by rx. The original name brand is available at drug stores at about $20 for a large bottle. You might want to try one first, taken daily, at about the same time. If it solves the problem, then ask your doc for rx. It is NOT a laxative. It is safe, daily, taken for life, per 4 doctors I've asked. It was a pediatrician who introduced me to it. My rx plan allows me to have 6 of those big bottles every 3 months for $20. Check with your doc and your insurance to see if it's beneficial to buy it by rx. BTW, my doc writes for 2 servings per day, because they might SAY there are 30 servings per bottle, but somebody can't count. Me or them? I use only one, but if I spill or get too much, I still have enough to last til next refill.

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

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