need help

Anita Jo
on 10/24/13 2:50 am - Elmira, NY

i posted this on facebook. i am now 178 pounds i was 147 pounds a year ago..


Well I have been struggling with eating right so I am going to try and not bake so much and lose this weight that I gained after having Gastric Bypass Surgery need to reuse my tool. Please any Gastric Bypass people I need your support and all my friends and family. I hate the way I look right now.

on 10/24/13 8:44 am - lakeside, CA

Hi Anita Jo,

Come join us on our board for people who want to get back on track after a weight gain or who just want some more support: ion/


Good luck.



Anita Jo
on 10/26/13 3:44 am - Elmira, NY

ok. thank you. i did go to the group.

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