Anyone else with long term side effects that feel like fibromyalgia/arthritis?? &React....

Candice M.
on 11/18/13 5:46 am - Birmingham, AL

I'm wondering if anyone else out there feels like they're falling apart. I've only just had my 35th birthday so I feel like I shouldn't be in so much pain everyday. I've wound up in pain management. I had chronic back/neck pain I felt might get better with weight loss & I had RNY in April 2006. & Plastics in 2008 abdominalplasty, brachialplasty & breast lift.  I'm not sure if I was just destined for arthrtis or fibromyalgia, but I wake up so stiff & in so much pain it's hard to get moving and make it through a day. I lost my job in July (not due to being absent but cutbacks at our office, small dental office) but now my son keeps me going ( he'll be 2 in a few weeks) and my husband is a great support but some days I feel like I could be a much better wife & mother if I just felt better. The pain management is helping but I've run out of pills (I will talk to them about this) a little early and I'm suffering for it. I know the gastric bypass has made me have reactive hypoglycemia, that's for sure, but I'm wondering if the other issues are related. Is anyone else feeling like crap after being about 7-8 yrs out because my first pain management Dr. mentioned that there have been studies done that gastric bypass patients start to have autoimmune issues around this time!  I am almost regretting my decision. I thought I'd be healthier, active, & live longer but now I'm not so sure....

Candice M.
on 11/18/13 5:51 am - Birmingham, AL

On another note, I failed to mention that my pain management Dr. that was RNY knowledgeable put me back on B12 injections, VitD3, & Magnesium supplements.... she has run lab work again after a new primary care phy ran labs in Jan of this year & said everything looked ok.... I'm switching primary care phy again to try to find one knowledgeable.... My RNY surgeon is now at Vanderbilt, I'm in Birmingham, AL.... I'm almost considering making an appt to see him just to discuss my concerns & making the trip....


Kim S.
on 11/19/13 1:40 am - Helena, AL

I'm in Birmingham Alabama.  We have several good surgeons here.  PM me if you need a name.

Candice M.
on 11/19/13 9:38 am - Birmingham, AL

Thanks! I see that you used Dr. Sherer and I know I have heard his name before. I am going to try a new primary physician to try to keep up with my labs. I am hoping he will be more knowledgeable than this previous one because he used to be a gastroenterologist at Children's.... If I don't find help, I'll see a surgeon for follow up to see if there is some other issue going on....

on 11/18/13 10:22 am

I feel achy and exhausted a lot. I don't associate it with WLS. My labs are all good right now so it's not vitamin deficiencies. I say it's age and running with my boys (they are young and invoked in sports). 

I've seen even others ask this also in another group and I am interested in any studies they do or can provide showing a correlation. 


I will mention one experience I had when my vitamin D was low (not deficient) I experienced bine pain in my legs and once I brought it up the pains went away. 

if your D is low you need to supplement with DRY vitamin D3. Don't let them prescribe D2 in oil form you won't absorb it. 

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on 11/18/13 5:29 pm
RNY on 02/24/12

I had fibromyalgia years prior to WLS.  And, I have arthritis in the knees.  The FMS and arthritis are both better since I've lost weight.   However, I was tired preop and still have the issue post op due to the auto immune issue.   Anytime I go on a trip, clean house, etc., I end up having to sleep a lot for a couple of days.  At least I do sleep better.

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Candice M.
on 11/19/13 9:32 am - Birmingham, AL

Thank you! I appreciate all the replies & advice!! :)  I can use any help at this point. I just want to be a good mother & wife.

Candice M.
on 11/19/13 9:32 am - Birmingham, AL

Thank you! I appreciate all the replies & advice!! :)  I can use any help at this point. I just want to be a good mother & wife.

Candice M.
on 11/19/13 9:33 am - Birmingham, AL

Thank you! I appreciate all the replies & advice!! :)  I can use any help at this point. I just want to be a good mother & wife.

on 11/19/13 8:41 am

I'm only 4.5 years out from RNY but I have started to feel "crappy" for the past 9 months or so, maybe longer.  I don't see it as a fibromyalgia type deal but was diagnosed with psoriasis of the scalp 3 years ago and had a grandmother with very bad rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis so I'm not discounting something autoimmune going on with me.  It's mainly fatigue, headaches, dizziness and I have some arthritis but not a ton, mainly in my hands and possibly some bursitis of one hip.  Right now it's hard to find a diagnosis and I still can't discount my low to normal lab values but it hasn't been confirmed that I need iron fusions yet.  I'm also working on a referral to a rheumatologist.  I think it's difficult when you have health issues to sometimes pin point the exact problem when you also have RNY in your background.  Good luck with figuring out your issues too,  Nan.

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