4 years out and lost

megan pagliughi
on 12/5/13 5:03 am - larksville, PA

I am 4 years post op and have some regain....i was 426 at my highest and 239 at my lowest....then i was on fertility drugs and got pregnant since then im stuck i cant lose anything i keep flip flopping from 280-285 and thats too close for comfort to 300 ive only lost 8 lbs since i had my baby and that was a year ago today i need some advice on what to do im even thinking i want a revision im always throwing up and i cant eat meat! any help would be appreciated.

(deactivated member)
on 12/6/13 3:04 am

You don't have to eat meat with wls.  There are tons of protein sources out there.  I eat tuna but not meat anymore.  I just don't like it.  I eat lots of beans with a bit of chz.  Same protein but the added benefit of fiber.  I am a huge Boca Burger fan (especially the Griller line) and Morning Star is pretty fantastic as well.  They are easier to chew than meat, no hormones and chemicals, and about the same price pound for pound.

Go back to post op eating.  800 calories a day, protein first and veggies 2nd.  Ditch every single white carb.  No flour, sugar, rice, pasta, or potatoes.  It was the white carbs that got us fat to begin with and as long as you are eating them you are only going to continue to regain.

This  is a lifestyle change, not a diet.  This is not temporary, this is for the rest of our lives.

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