how to start over???

Anita Jo
on 1/22/14 4:01 am - Elmira, NY


how do i start over...

i had my gastric bypass on august 28,2003... i did make my 150 mark goal and then beat it to 143 pounds now today i am 183 pounds. i dont like this weight and i am not sure how to eat anymore. i need help.anita

on 1/23/14 2:42 am - MN

Go back to protein only or protein forward meals, lots of water and exercise. You can do this. It's easier to lose than before surgery. Do protein drinks if you used

them before. Count calories. Move more, eat less, make sure your meals are healthy, not hih fat or lots of carbs. Find a support group or friend to do it

with. It can be done and you'll feel great about your success.

Jen 12 yr post op RNY

Anita Jo
on 1/24/14 5:13 am - Elmira, NY

i need to start soon. this carb monster is killing me..

on 2/5/14 12:12 am - middletown, OH

I would love to have a partner   i need to restart too.I canin"t drink protien shakes. Truthfully In was never taught me what to eat my Dr, sent me home told me to eat what i want just a little at a time.

on 1/24/14 4:10 am

I understand what you are saying. I have not gained but 5 lbs but I am scared to death. I am hungry all the time.  I really don't know where to turn. I have thought about counseling again but the cost is out of my budget.  

Anita Jo
on 1/24/14 5:13 am - Elmira, NY

i really dont feel hungry i just want to eat.. i hate it..

(deactivated member)
on 1/25/14 3:56 am

That definitely counts as head hunger. A counselor might be able to help. Having meaningful pursuits and relationships can help as well. Boredom, depression and stress are the top reasons for emotional eating/head hunger. You might have to address those things first. If you aren't already, just exercise a few times a week and track what you're currently eating for a couple of weeks -- don't go changing it yet. Get an idea of the calories you're eating daily and then drop them by 10-20% or so.

The exercise may help weight loss initially, but it's really more for your own well-being. Exercise, when not overdone, makes me feel good.

on 9/6/14 5:10 am

That's great advice! It made me realize that i need to exercise more. I'm looking forward to WLS this winter.

Thanks for the advice.


(deactivated member)
on 1/25/14 4:10 am

Hows your protein intake? Are you eating meals that are mainly protein and vegetables every 3 hours or so? Are you snacking or grazing alot? Are you eating lots of carbs? That'll all make you hungry.  Have you tested your pouch? Get an 8oz steak, weigh it after you cook it, then eat as much as you can comfortably fit. Even if it's the whole steak, an 8-12oz pouch post op is normal. You should be hungry again in 3 hours, give or take a little. A very filling 8oz steak is about 350 calories and over 40g of protein. For the same calories from carbs (and almost no protein) you get 4 slices of bread and a small piece of fruit. You'll be hungry again in 30 minutes. That's why protein first is so important for us.

I was certain, multiple times, that my stoma was stretched because of how much I could eat and how often I was hungry. It's not. I can eat ALOT when I want to. When I'm on track, I do about 1400 calories and 120g of protein a day. And I'm satisfied. And that's my weight LOSS calories because I'm currently trying to lose 20lbs.

Do a Google search on WLS support groups in your area. If your own surgeon doesn't offer them, contact other surgeons. Support groups are free and often led by someone knowledgeable. Some are just patient groups, though.

on 2/4/14 8:14 pm

hello firemouse, I like your response, I also need to test my pouch having gained 40lbs back since my surgery in 06. thanks

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