spasm in tummy

on 2/6/14 10:22 am - Sacramento, CA

Does anyone have pain like a spasm or cramp in their tummy ?? I am 3 years out from sleeve surgery and feel great otherwise.But sometimes jt hurts suddenly and makes me gasp,but goes away rapidly. I have had my gall bladder out and amin my 60's,so I don't believe it to be a female issue.Maybe a hunger issue tho.Does anyone have hunger pain in their tummy?

on 2/11/14 8:32 am - Worcester, MA
VSG on 11/06/14
Possibly adhesions or a little twist n the digestive tract...I get abdominal spasms often and they hurt enough to take your breath away. I attribute them to the abdominal surgeries I've had and believe its adhesions. If the pain lasts and you get nauseous, see a dr right away, it could be a blockage of some sort which is really dangerous. How has the sleeve been otherwise? I am considering a revision after 8 years with a band...struggling with some weight gain and can't seem to keep it at bay. Hope all is well for you.
on 2/11/14 9:36 am - Sacramento, CA

Hi Marypetunia, If I have it where it lasts I definately will call my doctor.But right now it happens about once a day.usually when I am walking my dog and am a little hungry (I think).I am very happy with my sleeve.I was 213 ,not real big compared to others i have seen.But i am 5"1 ,so I looked like a I got down to 140.And gained about 5 pounds,just recently took it off! I am back to exercising and eating better(not perfect) but better.I wish i had done it sooner.My cousin had the band,and got cancer right after,so she wasnt able to really use her tool.I don't know if she is able to use it now(she is cancer free now),her husband also had one but had to have it removed because of some complications.he had lost a lot of weight with it.I went to a support group with banders and other WLS,and some seem to really do well with it.Obesity help actually helped me make my decision. I was on it all the time asking questions,getting info.I was nervous about a bypass,too many things being rerouted for me! Altho most people are happy with theirs. didn't mean to be so chatty!

on 2/13/14 9:39 am - Worcester, MA
VSG on 11/06/14
Glad to hear they don't happen too often for you. I lost 160 pounds with my band and have worked hard to keep it off. the past year however, I've been gaining and nothing seems to help to get it off. I had an ulcer in my esophagus and now had to have all the fluid out and I'm gaining more. my doc has offered the sleeve to me a couple times, just had hoped I could do it on my own but it's not working. glad to talk with someone who has had good experience over some time with the sleeve. Thanks for touching base, I haven't been on this site in was a life saver for me in the early years.God bless you!

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