10 years out and gaining, back on here today for motivation!!!

on 7/11/14 11:15 pm - Westbury, NY

Yesterday I weighed in at 186.6. The highest Ive been in 10 years. I am so embarressed. Came on here today for some motivation and possibly some advice. I created a myfitnesspal.com account yesterday and tracked everything I ate honestly and went 290 calories over my caloric allowance for the day. I will try again today to reach my goal but my obsession and complete love affair with food has returned and I feel like I cant stop. I also walked around the park yesterday (.75 miles) which is the most excercise Ive also done in 10 years (no kidding). My question today would be... no carb/higher calories (more FOOD!!) or low calorie/ major restriction to help get some of this weight off? I have completely out-eaten this surgery a long, LONG time ago, I can eat more than a person that has not had surgery. I only late dump very rarely, so thats not even a deterent. Help!!

Denise R.
on 7/12/14 1:16 am

I am 11 years out. I have gained 65 pounds. I am so depressed and down on myself and feel as though I've taken all of my opportunities and  all of my hard work and wasted it just threw  it out the window. I really don't know what else to do. I guess that's why I'm back here on the site. I could use a friend how about you?

on 7/12/14 1:26 am - Westbury, NY

Absolutely. I feel the same way. I did this crazy thing to myself to lose weight and actually lost it and now its just being squandered because I have no self control. Im on facebook, if you want to hit me up on there bc I havent been on oh.com in forever and since Im so far out I have a tendency to just be annoyed by all the newbies on here with theyre irritating questions... (like... I only lost 45 this week, is this enough? how will I ever reach my goal?) iwww.... so annoying. im on facebook under Renee Thegreenidebandit

Denise R.
on 7/13/14 2:37 am

I'm going to get on facebook later today and I will send you a friend request okay? Thank you for responding though and I do look forward to helping each other out. Sure could use a pat on the back now and then. I put and confidenc. Ttys

who knows
on 7/23/14 4:54 am

hi, I just read this post and I too am ijn the same boat!  I had open gastric bypass in 2001 and beginning with year 2 or so I started gaining. I am at 190 right now and holding there unforutnetly.  I do have a questine for anyone who can answer...........I have a soft buldge between my belly button and my breast area. idk how else to explain it.  it is a slight bit high on one side.  when I suck in my lower stomach it is a noticeable buldge. when I stand and am dressed u can tell it is there also. Could this be a hernia? It isn't hard or anything/  I did make an appointment with dr for last this month but would like someones opinon that has regains weigth as I had thought this might be the pouch expanding and causing it to look this way.   this is the lastest of problems. I have had numerous defincies and in general feel horrible,.  Thanks for any opinions!

on 9/12/14 6:50 am - Pensacola, FL

Same here !!! I know how you feel. I've gained back 50 pounds and need a friend.

K B.
on 7/12/14 3:18 am - NY

Woo Hoo! You are getting back on the path. I feel like it is going to be a much harder road for us then it was in the early years. But I hate how I feel and how I look right now. Especially when I look at pictures from when I reached my goal weight or when I read my old journal entries from the first 2-3 years. 

I want to slap myself for complaining that "I only lost 3lbs. this week.", please get over yourself, I think to myself as I read them. It is good to connection with people who are over 8 years out and not perfect. Are struggling like I am to get back on track and don't have the new pouch glow to them.


on 7/22/14 9:35 am - Westbury, NY

Funny you say that about reading my old posts.. I would love to!! BUT.... my old blogs are gone!!! My surgery was in 2004 and I guess that they were all lost when OH switched over to their new format. Its very frustrating and annoying!! I messaged them to see if they are gone forever but I received no response!! Any old timers know how to retrieve them? I feel your pain KB, I had to buy size 16 stretchy jeans today. I wanted to cry. I am so embarressed.

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on 7/24/14 1:47 am - Irvine, CA

Hi Nay7529,

We are sorry you are having problems viewing your old profile entries.  We did a search and was not able to find your email asking for help.  There are two ways you can view your old entries.  

1.)  When you log in you will see you have an option to view your old profile usually under your avatar.


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on 7/13/14 5:10 pm - Monticello, AR

I am 7 years out and have gained nearly 30 lbs back...so angry with myself!  I swore I would never let it happen and here I am again letting food and my weight completely consume my life!  Earlier this year I started using the Lose It app and lost 7 lbs...stopped using it and gained it all back plus a few so I'm going back to using it starting tomorrow.  I'm also going to buy a bicycle...I used to love riding my bike as a kid and am hoping if I'm doing something I love then I will keep doing it...I need the exercise so bad!  I know I'm eating the wrong things but just can't seem to stop myself...my  biggest issue is eating at night, it's like I can't go to sleep unless I eat something!  And I can also eat way more than I could even 2-3 yrs after surgery and I rarely dump.  I came back to OH for motivation, but I know I won't be on here very often.  I'm also on facebook under Denise Garcia and I live in Monticello Arkansas, you're welcome to send a friend request...maybe we can motivate each other?!

Day of surgery weight/BMI:  246/44.9
Goal weight:  135
Current weight/BMI135/24.6---GOAL!!!!!!!!!
Total pounds lost:  111


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