Removal of excess skin question??

Karen H.
on 12/10/15 7:16 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

I just celebrated one year post op and the rotor told me not to lose any more weight. He said if I wanted to have surgery to remove excess skin, I could do that now. My insurance does not cover that expense. I was curious if any of you had this done by self pay and how much was your surgery? If you made payments, what kind of payments did you have if you don't mind me asking? I don't have a lot of lose skin, mostly under my arms, around my waist, legs.... Just wondering if it is worth it. My arms really look baggy and lose. I could knock someone in the face by just waving at them! I am wondering what the cost would be to just get my arms done? Also, are there a lot of scars after that type of surgery? I'm 5'4'' and age 58. I started at my highest wtg at 240 and now I am at 143. What are your thoughts please? Thanks!!!




on 12/17/15 6:34 am - East Haven, CT

Hi Karen,

congrats on your WL!!  I had three types of skin removal.  First time my tummy without muscle work, and it scarred horribly (bad surgeon).  The second one was done with muscle work and it work great. That was five years ago and the scars are almost invisible.  I paid via Care Credit, which my doctor set up for me.  It's a low interest credit card.  First surgery was 10K second one was 8K.

This summer I had a thigh lift and excess skin on my back removed $16K same payment plan.  Legs have scars on inner thigh and into groin area; they are already lightening up.  Back scar looks even lighter.  I understand the arms are tough.  Scars will be visible.  Thigh scars can be hidden easier, I think.

Be sure you have a GOOD plastic surgeon.  There are a lot of surgeons out there that are experts in face lifts, but know nothing about skin removal.  The second surgeon I used specializes in bariatric body sculpting, so he gets it.


Good luck


on 1/4/16 6:02 am

Hi Karen,

I had a fluer-di-lise tummy tuck and it was self pay.  I lost 225 pounds, and I had a huge amount of excess skin on my belly.  ( I posted pictures of my tummy before and after on my profile.)  I was thrilled with my surgery.  My tummy looks like it did when I was 14 - before my weight loss started. 

Costs vary by region. I'm in Massachusetts and health care is pricey here.  I had estimates from $7,500 to $15,000 for the surgery.  I clearly went with the $7,500 one. 

I do have scars on my belly, but they are fading, and I view it as "battle scars" of a battle with obesity that I won.  So I am ok with it. 

Congratulations on your success, and best of luck with your plastics decision.

best wishes,



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on 1/27/16 7:14 am - Standish, ME

Hi Carol,  Would you mind telling me who you had for a plastic surgeon.  Your tummy tuck looks great!