Food Addiction

on 9/12/16 8:19 am - Canada

There is nothing like a little more time out from surgery and the honeymood period looking like a hazy memory to face the truth that many of us battle addiction is real!  Its mostly to processed foods...sugar, flour, wheat...sometimes grains, in general.  But even some people have food addiction as a process addiction, not just a substance one.  I, unfortunately, can be both.  Yes, I do better when I eat only whole, unprocessed foods.  But I have been known to overeat carrots, sweet potatoes, fruits.

I realize that I had to have the wls in order to get out of denial about how distorted my relationship to food really is.  I had believed the WLS was going to be a solution to my weight problem.  Ha Ha ha!

It knocked 100lbs off of me in 6 months and has certainly slowed my regain over the last few years...but I still binge eat, still eat junk food, still deal with weight preoccupation and body image issues.

Anyone else struggling with these issues?

Sandy  Surgery Jan.18,2012 with Dr. Timothy Jackson at TWH.
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on 9/14/16 2:12 pm

Being morbidly obese is the symptom for all of us, not the problem. You'll need help from a qualified therapist (if there is such a thing) to understand the root issues in your life that lead to overeating.

We all share this same problem.


on 10/26/16 6:13 pm
RNY on 05/18/15

I totally relate.  I don't eat concentrated sweets, breads, pasta etc... but I too can be compulsive on anything.  Almonds, celery, meat.  I am a therapist and go to a therapist  who specializes in eating disorders and continue to struggle.  I wish I had answers.  You are not alone!!!!

on 10/31/16 3:03 am

Yes, I'm a food addict.

I first hid food in my dresser drawer at age 11. It's been my comfort for a long time. Now, 7 years post op, I can eat pretty much whatever I want but I have indeed recognized addictive eating patterns post op. I have eaten to the point of discomfort, eaten food that I know will make me sick, eaten when I was stressed beyond coping....

I am pretty balanced in general, so at least I see those patterns. A post op I know who has achieved excellent success is active with Overeaters Anonymous. For different reasons, I attend Al Anon and see how some of that wisdom affects my approach to eating. 

I maintain a weight about 10 lbs. over my lowest post op weight. 

on 2/23/17 6:39 pm - NY

Yes, it is.  I had given up bread,rice,  pasta, corn  peas,  sugar and anything high in carbs. I just stick with a high protein food regimen and so far it has worked.  I no carbs are my triggers so i avoid them. If I want something sweet I will buy a piece of sugar free cheesecake with no crust.  

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