on 12/9/16 11:43 am - Las Cruces, NM
Hello all, I am concerned and need to know if what i am experiencing is normal. I am 10 years post op. When eating lunch or dinner I get pain in chest between breast bones, it takes my breath away. It is like that ugly full feeling you get and know it is time to stop, but it happens fast like after a couple bits of food. My question is is it normal to be 10 years out and have this happen. Am I doing something wrong, Or is it something that I should get looked at. It does not happen all the time. I am able to snack but sometimes meals are just too much Hellp!!!!

Brandi Girl
on 12/11/16 5:41 pm
WLS on 10/18/11

Sorry you are having issue's! Maybe try and post this question on the RNY forum? It looks a little more active and with having the same surgery as you might be more help. But as for myself I tend to live by the 'when in doubt, have it checked out' when it comes to possible problems for surgery. Hope all gets resolved for you.


on 12/12/16 6:23 am - Las Cruces, NM
thanks so very much for responding I will

on 12/16/16 7:15 pm

Weird and unusual pain isn't that uncommon for us folk with altered guts but it's always best to get it looked at.  


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H.A.L.A B.
on 12/23/16 2:01 am

It can be nothing or something serious. Even heart related . 

I hope you were able to see a doc. 

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