After WLS, what type of doctor do I need?

on 3/27/17 11:38 pm - Austin, TX
My WLS was done using an insurance plan that I no longer have and my current plan doesn't provide WLS. I need to find a doctor that understands the various needs (the correct labs etc.) as I'm having some issues. Do I look for a gastroenterology doctor or some other type? I can't use an actual bariatric doc. Thanks for any ideas.

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on 4/1/17 7:40 pm
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You can find a list of labs you need on this site (I'd search VITALADY) and take it to your PCP or find a hematologist or gastroenterologist.

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on 7/18/17 3:07 pm

Years back, I think WLS was still such a rarity that many family docs or internists shied away from having patients who had had bariatric procedures done.

Now, that's changed.

We moved and I started with a new family practice physician (young, recently trained which I think makes a difference). I took her a printout of recommended post-RNY labs and she was absolutely great. She even did some follow up research on her own regarding one or two of the values.

This is, of course, for general medical care and I'm blessed with good health overall. But I'd trust her opinion in a heartbeat if something requiring a specialist popped up. We aren't quite the "oddity" we used to be!

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