How much food - 7+ years out?

on 4/10/17 8:40 am

Hi everyone! I'm 7 years out, and I'm struggling with some regain. I feel like I can eat so much food now. I haven't measured, but I can eat as much as a non-RNY person. I'm wondering how much food should I be able to eat at one time? Those of you who are years out from surgery - how much can you eat?

Gail Engebretson
on 4/11/17 12:15 pm - Seattle, WA

I'm 13 years out and it varies for me - mostly depending on the type of food I'm eating. If I'm really careful about always doing dense protein first I eat much less. If I don't do that or my meal or snack is heavier on the carb side I can eat a whole lot more - sometimes it surprises me how much I can eat.

I know for sure that the pouch can stretch and if I get into the habit of eating more my capacity is greater. Then if I spend a couple days pulling way back - eating only protein for instance or even doing a one day fast or something. Then I can shrink it way back down again. That happens on its own when I'm sick and can't eat.

I also, on the rare day, drink something with a meal. I notice a difference immediately. The food washes thru and I can eat more. So I observe the rule of no liquids with meals and up to 2 hours after a meal. That also helps. Good luck!

on 4/11/17 12:34 pm

Thank you so much for responding! I know the times that I don't focus on protein is when I can eat the most. Maybe I should do a few days of only eating protein to feel more restriction.

on 4/13/17 9:51 am, edited 4/14/17 5:14 am - Sunny Southern, CA

It helps me to meal plan... nothing crazy just a day or 2 that way I can figure out a more balanced day (carbier breakfast, would mean a less carby dinner, etc.) and I'm not just grabbing any old thing out of hunger. Plus... something psychologically happens when you know you have a plan and you CHOOSE to eat off it... it happens less and if it does happen you can more easily make adjustments other days, in other ways.

Reality checks help too... entering a few days in a row in a food/water/exercise tracking app.

Chat with your Dr too... maybe go in and get your labs done and rule out any other reasons for weight gains, medications often cause it, etc. see about a dietitian referral or if it's a stress/emotional issue therapist referral. Build a team of support.

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on 4/13/17 11:33 am

Good point about meal planning! I was so strict for the first few years about planning everything I ate. I think I've caught the weight gain early enough (15 lbs) that hopefully meal planning and focusing more on protein should help. I need to track my food more as well - I think I've gotten lazy in that regard. Thank you so much for your advice!

on 4/19/17 6:40 pm

I had my surgery with 4 close friends around 10 years ago. The other 3 people still can't eat like a non RNY person. I never had restriction so I have always been able to eat like a non RNY person. If you really can eat like a non RNY person you might want to consider an endoscopy to see if your surgery is failing. I knew mine failed 2 days post op when they gave me a protein drink and 3 oz. of pureed food and I didn't feel any restriction. It was confirmed shortly after with endoscopies.

But because I only had a bmi of 35 before surgery and I can diet to get a little under 35 insurance companies have repeatedly turned down a revision.

I have found if I eat 1600 calories of a large cold veggie salad, 2 cups of my veggie soup (primarily broth, tomatoes and celery), 3 servings of fresh fruit, 10 oz. of low fat protein, 3 servings of low fat dairy and 3 servings of high fiber starches and no alcohol or sweets then I can get down to a bmi of 33.

If I bike in the morning, swim in the afternoon and walk in the evening, I can get my bmi down to around 29 to 30. As I am getting older and my foot ulcer is a problem exercise is getting more difficult.

My suggestion is to have an endoscopy and if there is a problem insist to have a revision. Someone on OH suggested I hire an attorney 10 years ago to go after the surgeon and/or the insurance company. I felt that was unnecessary and trusted in the system. Retrospectively, I should have stood up for myself by hiring someone to represent me. Surgeons and insurance companies have a lot more power than a 50 year old (now 60) obese housewife. Tri

on 5/1/17 11:12 am

I'm 10 years out now and can eat more food then I'm okay eating. As a result, combined with no exercise (due to torn meniscus in both knees) I have gained 20 lbs. back. I'm working on it :) What I'm finding works for me is to cut processed carbs and track, one day at a time, what I'm eating to keep me accountable. I've gone back to an apple for snack and more protein with salad. Started doing this two weeks ago and I'm down 4 lbs.

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