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michelle M.
on 5/9/17 12:42 pm

Has anyone had IV infusions and have an idea of how much it cost or know how to find out. I called my insurance company (BCBS fed.) and all they said was that I had to pay an office co-pay for the infusion and 30% of the cost of the medications. I asked the doctor about cost and she said "oh its not an expensive medication". Well her idea of expensive and my idea might differ LOL. She said I will get one infusion over four hours and repeat blood work in 6 weeks but she does not think I will need another one.

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on 5/11/17 5:31 pm
DS on 02/04/14

Hi Michelle: I'm not sure if your situation is the same as mine but I figured I'd share with you what I know?

I have BCBS too but it's not fed. I've had IV Infusion in the past and each time the billing I've seen on the portal was quite expensive. However, my co-pay was minimal to zero.

Are you getting the infusions at home? I only ask because I noticed you said you only need one dose and it would be over a 4 hour period of time. I'm not sure why they would go through such an extensive process for one time use if it's at home.

I needed to have a picc line placed, home health aide nurse and weekly delivery of parenteral nutrition and vitamins.

Perhaps you're getting iron infusions. I've had those too. That was much cheaper and it was offered at my Hematologist office.

I hope this info helps,


on 5/18/17 9:01 pm - Sunny Southern, CA

Ask about injectafer (2 weeks apart, 30 minute bag drip) worked great for me and way less reactions than traditional infusions and way quicker.

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on 5/22/17 7:46 pm

I had a medical procedure done that was extremely expensive. My girlfriend had a similar procedure around the same time. Her doctor charged a substantial amount less than my doctor. After that I asked my clinic finance department how much things cost before I have anything done. I don't buy a piece of furniture without shopping around. Why shouldn't I check out costs of medical visits and labs? Now I have an $8000 deductible so visits, labs and medications are paid for with my cash. Tri

on 7/10/17 6:45 pm - CA

I have IV infusions of Venefir for Anemia. I usually get a drip once a week for two weeks twice a year in my Hematology office (where they do chemo infusions). It isn't costly. I would ask your doctor for the medication name and amount and call back your insurance and ask them to tell you how much the 30% will be. If you are having Iron infusions, you will feel SO MUCH better after! Best thing I ever did.

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