Need good RNY literate Hematologist in Houston. Suggestions anyone? 11+years out and...

Mary *.
on 2/20/18 11:48 am, edited 2/20/18 11:50 am - TX

Hello:) Looking for a Hematologist good w/ RNY related iron deficiency. Think I need iron infusions. I can no longer tolerate ferrous sulfate in pill form. It is tearing up my stomach. Ferritin has been steady decreasing over the years and is now at 5! I know not good..... So, I am iron deficient but not technically iron deficient anemic. Always very borderline labs. Now also have mental fog, fatigue, ice cold hands and feet, brittle nails and have been diagnosed by neuro and rheumatologist w/ primary Raynaud?s.

I am thinking all probably related to the iron deficiency. Took me a year of visits to get a diagnosis. Need to find a hemotologist that understands the unique issues that come with RNY. I am in Houston. Does anyone know a really good Hematologist.

on 10/21/18 6:24 am

I'm 15 years out. I've battle low ferritin too. I do tolerate iron. But even taking iron wasn't sufficient. I know you said you weren't tolerating iron. My scheme which worked was to take iron alongside Vit C in morning. The Vit C serves to increase stomach/pouch PH, which supports iron uptake. If you take calcium supplements, don't take the at same time as iron supplement. Calcium lowers PH, and lets more just pass through. 48 hours can show noticeable improvements. Also cheaper than infusions. Your problem with iron might be your dosage is too high. Consider trying what I've outlined.

on 12/15/18 9:39 pm - Houston, TX

try taking ferrous gluconate instead of ferrous sulfate. It is much more easily tolerated.

Thanks for info regarding the reason that I take a vitamin c with my iron. I've just done it out of habit for years.



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