RYN 8 Years ago & Teeth are Breaking Off

on 8/27/18 4:56 am - Austin, TX

Hey All,

Great teeth until 1 year ago then all started breaking off, cracking, chipping etc. Saw a dentist that said gastric reflux is the culprit even though I have always taken an antacid daily since RNY, took very good care of my teeth and had great dental checkups. A friend of mine has Lupus and her teeth started breaking off and she pursued the medical side of the equation and her health insurance paid 100% for her dentures due to Lupus causing the problem. If gastric reflux happens due to RYN, would that fall into the same category of a medical problem? I think so but still trying to figure it out too. Thanks for any suggestions, ideas, comments and recommendations. The Tee in Texas

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on 8/31/18 9:10 pm

I'm sorry about your reflux issues. I've gone through it myself. My surgeon told me that PPIs and antacids may minimize symptoms of reflux but they don't stop reflux; therefore, damage still occurs and can lead to Barrett's Esophagus and/or esophageal cancer. I had bad GERD prior to gastric bypass and recently had a large hiatal hernia repaired and a Nissen Fundoplication to resolve the GERD. I recommend you find a highly skilled gastroenterologist that has experience with bariatric patients, get an EGD and other tests, then find out if you're a candidate for Nissen Fundoplication, which is a more permanent solution for GERD.

Have you been good about taking your vitamins and getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist 2-4 times a year?

Not sure if your insurance will cover dentures or not. RNY typically helps GERD, not causes it, so I hope your dentist submits the insurance request without blaming your gastric bypass surgery as that is usually not the root cause (unlike VSG surgery, which can often be the culprit of reflux).

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on 9/20/18 7:48 am

That may be due to acid reflex or genetics, or bone loss due to low supplementation of minerals.

Our bones and teeth are made of so many minerals, and when we supplement just calcium that may be not enough for a strong bone matrix. Vit D, Calcium, magnesium, strontium, boron, etc. plus Vit K2 are essential to build and repair strong bones.

What most people don't realize, is the low level of minerals others than calcium that is the most critical to strong bones. if your teeth are breaking - I would really suggest to get a bones dexa scan to see what is going on in your body.

BTW: normal level of mineral on the blood (that what they test) does not indicate normal or adequate mineral levels in the body. Our system is going to pull minerals from tissues (muscles, bones) to normalize the minerals in the blood.

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