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almost 14 years post op RNY.

Just diagnosed by my endocrinologist with post gastric bypass hypoglycemia. It's a thing. Google it. I think I may have had this for years. My DH has DM2, so I had a BG monitor available. Back in May, I felt weird. Dizzy, lightheaded, vision was wonky, confused. BG was 39. In July or August- similar symptoms-BG 50,57. Also in August I felt what I've always called dumping syndrome. Checked BG on two different occasions- 278, 270.

I saw my primary. Labs were good, A1C normal. She sent me to endo doc. He suspected this syndrome. I had a continuous glucose monitor on for 12 days. It was the Freestyle Libre PRO monitor. My #s were all over the place. 40's - 250's+. Mostly during the day, also they dipped & spiked some at night too. It's NOT diabetes, but the treatment is similar. Diet (low glycemic index diet)/exercise/check BG. I have a BG monitor AND I'm getting a freestyle libre so I don't have to stick my finger so often, and can see at a glance what my approximate BG is.

no sweets or alcohol. EVEN ULTRA BEER! I said"but it's only 2.6 grams of carbs!!!" She explained about the sugar alcohols.

So...if these measures don't correct the problem, I'll have to go on meds which doc wants to avoid.

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Same here, but I figured it out for myself. I was diabetic prior to surgery, so I knew something weird was going on with my blood sugar. My A1C number was normal, and my early morning testing was always 95 to 105. I started taking my monitor with me and when I felt the symptoms coming on (usually the first was wacky vision), I immediately tested. Seeing 40's and 50's made me realize something was definitely off, so I paid more attention to what I ate prior to this happening. Turns out carbs, in the form of bread, cookies, anything sweet, was the culprit. I stick to protein and veggies, with a little bit of fruit, and I'm good. No issues.

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Me, too and it sucks. But it has also fixed a lot of things for me that I struggled with for years after WLS. I simply can't eat 'badly'. At the least I'll feel like crap at worst, it could be life threatening. Like everything else, it's an adjustment. If you decide to just make it, you'll do fine. It took me a couple of years to stop being in denial about not being able to handle carbs anymore. But now, it's freeing. My son ordered pizza tonight. I see it; I smell it and pre-hypoglycemia I might have indulged in a 1/4 slice. Today, I just walked past it. No way am I going to be clutching my head later scared I'm about to pass out.

Good luck. The monitor was a good way to go. My endo had me do that, too.

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It is not as uncommon as you think...mine started about 18 months after surgery. I did wear a CGM for about 3 weeks and saw that I seem to spike more quickly than normal from food and then it falls fast. I have both what I would call regular hypoglycemia- from waiting too long to eat and reactive hypoglycemia from eating something too high in sugar- although it doesn't have to be like a dessert or something... or then there is the perfect storm if I don't eat for a long time and then eat something that strikes my BS the wrong way. There is no predicting what will send my blood sugar down either, as things I have eaten many times and been fine ... then one time- boom.

I always say the measure between dumping and hypoglycemia is eating food will not help dumping... When your BS is crashing you need food.

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I have also noticed I have the reactive hypoglycemia. Mine didn't start until recently. I am 13 years out. Very Odd. Good Luck Everyone!

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I have also noticed I have the reactive hypoglycemia. Mine didn't start until recently. I am 13 years out. Very Odd. Good Luck Everyone!

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