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on 4/3/19 6:11 am - East Haven, CT

Hi All,

I had a RNY gastric bypass in 2004 and lost 100 lbs. I have been fortunate enough to keep it off give/take up/down 3-4 lbs. In the past, I was always able to get off the gain. I'm struggling desperately now. I'm up 7 lbs and am scared to death. I cannot seem to let go of the carbs and sugar.

Any advice. I know going back to basics is the trick, but I cannot see to get there.



Anita Jo
on 4/3/19 6:56 am - Elmira, NY

i had RNY 2003.... try and stay away from pasta, bread, potatoes, anything starchy. if you cant then try and do 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of carbs.. i weigh and measure everything i did gain from bad foods i have lost most of my regain almost 50 pounds. i do have at least one protein shake a day. 3 days ago i turned to keto to lose the regain. maybe something for you. or you can try and just do meat and veggies. i struggle as well.. Anita

on 4/3/19 10:59 am - East Haven, CT

Thanks so much. I never eat pasta, rice, or bread, but sometimes get carried away with chips or crackers. UGH. I downloaded a keto diet and it was a log of weird food. Do you just do veggies and proten i.e. meat chicken fish? Can you have fruit? Thanks so much for your support. And CONGRATS on your reloss!!

Anita Jo
on 4/4/19 5:45 am - Elmira, NY

weird food, no, its mainly meat , low carb veggies, and fat. i dont follow the fat like other keto people.i do have strawberries, raspberry, black berrys. i belong to keto and gastric bypass groups on facebook. i really try to eat gastric bypass way more than keto lately, small portions

on 4/4/19 8:44 am - East Haven, CT

thanks so much. I'm going to give it a whirl I so appreciate your support!

Anita Jo
on 4/4/19 11:23 am - Elmira, NY

your welcome No photo description available.

Anita Jo
on 4/6/19 5:43 pm - Elmira, NY

6 pounds down in 4 days.
Here are tools for you to speed up weight loss.

*No sweetener
*No keto bakery
*4oz of dairy a day
*No snacking
*8/16 fasting every day.
*3 meals only with 4oz of protein per meal only
*3-4 cups of veggies a day.
*Add fat to every meal, butter, mayo, avocado

, olives, olive oil.
Limit cheese. I rarely eat it.

No photo description available.

Amy R.
on 4/4/19 8:33 pm

First of all, congrats on keeping 99.99% of your weight off for those 15-ish years. That's pretty amazing, and seven pounds is probably a good number to address regain before it gets to 20+ pounds and more. I've had three regains and they were all significant. Using the general post op eating plan I've been able to get all the pounds (plus 30 extra I finally took off late last year). Basically for me it looks like dense protein, non-carby veggies, a bite or three of dessert or simple carbs if room.

Basically I also eat keto-ish, but I can't deal with the actual keto macros. What happened for me that finally helped is having hubby go keto. Honestly I didn't realize how much snack foods and baked goods were always around here. I wouldn't eat a lot of any one thing at a time because I dump and deal with nasty RH. But I had learned to eat around all of that by keeping portions small. Once he couldn't eat that stuff, there was zero reason to keep it here.

You know what you have to do. When you're ready, you will do it.

Good luck. And keep posting. If you check the surgery boards and look into the "what are you eating" posts you'll get a long of good ideas for meals from successful post ops which is always a good thing.

on 4/15/19 11:24 am - East Haven, CT

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much. I cannot just wrap myself around this. I have had some personal stuff going on and I think that's what's eating at me, if you'll pardon the pun. Thanks for the support. I'm not giving up that's for sure!

on 4/19/19 6:40 am

18 years for me. I seem to go up and down too. I was staying between 154-159 for years. Last year my thyroid was off, so I started on medicine for that. Now I hover around 142-148. Don't punish yourself.. drink more water, reduce portions and don't buy sweets. That works for me. My husband loves sweets, candy bars, peanuts, cookies, muffins, little Debbies, whatever. If i see them out, I put them in the freezer so it doesn't become an "impulse" food.

good luck!

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