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RNY on 11/22/04 with

Just jumping in to say HI! if there is anyone around this place that may remember me. I used to make pretty profiles for people on here, started all by myself, finally asked the site do you have storage space for me to link these images to other peoples profiles? They granted my request. Next thing you know, we were a team. Shannon, if your around, girl a big HI!

I used to be on this site all the time! Well, it's been 6 yrs and 11 months since my last post. Life sure has a way of changing us.

My surgery was November 22, 2004, that makes me just over 15 years out! I'm going to do a brief update here, as my journey has been, one unique one.

Nov 22, 2004 I got my RNY while they were closing me up, the staple gun misfired and I ended up also loosing my spleen. My recovery was a bit longer, my RNY was laproscopic, my spleenectomy was open, so well crap, I got cut far more than I had bargained for. I went home, I live 2oo miles from my surgeon, I get home, and I ended up in the ER here. They wouldn't treat me and told me to go back to the surgeon who did my surgery. Back down to his hospital, 10 days in, I had gotten a staph infection in my spleenectomy area. Finally after 3 months recovery when my next term of work was about to start, I started being able to eat/drink per the Dr's orders. YaY! Life's looking better,

So I go about my way, I'm loosing good, feeling good, life is ok. I started this journey at 354 lbs, my lowest weight had got to 159. i looked too thin then, but I didn't care, my longer legs and torso had me in 4-6 jeans. And a small top! So a loss of -195 lbs.

2008 - 4 years later I got a motorcycle! I love my bike, I got on it and 1st trip was 800 miles one way, and went alone. It was a great feeling! I'm working a job I don't mind, riding my extra time, just enjoying life. I got a bit too confident, not in riding but in liking myself. Actually loving myself.

I got a little comfortable, put on a few lbs here there, nothing close to what I originally weighed. But I was still getting that stuffy feeling.

In 2011, I lost my job, I lost my home and my youngest son decided it was time to move out. His little bit of $ helped with bills, but I just couldn't do it alone. I had been working downtown and the city did a downtown revamp and my building was bought out. I am also on SS because I was born breathing funny. Dr's called it COPD, so I could work, it was just getting through a couple months before my benefits kick in again.

I found another work place, the jobs are out there if you are willing to work for whatever to pay the bills. Besides it keeps life interesting. I was never one to think I needed lots of material things. I just wanted love, my whole life, just love. Not things.

In 2012 I got a new Granddaughter, she's my precious in the photo with me and then my youngest son was murdered. Yeah that's a lot to say all in one breath. Happiness to total lostness. My weight started to creep up easier than I wanted. I lost my brain for 18 or so months, before finally getting another contract job. I loved those jobs, they were at non-profits .. and me and my life are and always have been, me a Mom. I got to work with kids! I so love this kind of work. Boy though, I tell ya, those 8th graders educated me also, telling me the new terms for different kinds of sex. I was up to date.

In 2014 I got my one and only grandson, he's so so much, everything kind. But everything rough that comes with boys. I love my grandchildren with all my heart.

So I'm working and loving on those babies. In Dec 2018, they told me I had Cancer, here I thought it was just an ear infection. Weight 237 lbs. :( So I go in for surgery, 1st time ever in my life and through numerous surgeries, I became a bleeder. I got pneumonia, I was put in a coma, my family had to decide whether or not to pull the plug. I am so thankful they did not. But my recovery was so long, I stayed in hospitals or rehabs from May 10 - August 29th. I came home with lots of medical equipment, a trach and a feeding tube. Also with a drop foot I had gotten from being out for over 2 weeks. I got home, I struggled, my Mom and sister took turns staying with me. Then I told my Mom, go home, I got this. From then on, I got stronger. I still have the drop foot, my feeding tube hole is still healing. Dr. cauterized it today because it was still leaking from when he pulled it 7 weeks ago.

Same week but on Monday, yearly check-up on the Cancer. Well the left side is healing quite nicely my Oncologist said, but he said there was a blur a spot on my right side now. Ehhh.. if you read this far, please pray for me. I'm not ready to go yet, I want to see my precious Grands grow up.

I am now at my very lowest weight ever in my adult life. 145 lbs. So total loss now is 209 lbs.. who would have ever thought.

I'm not sure why I am posting tonight, besides saying hi and filling in to anyone that may care. Since Monday my attitude is not so good again. Until they figure out what the blur is -- cancer or not.. I'm walking on a very tight rope.

Peace, love and prayers to all of you on your journeys. It really is worth it!




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I too am back to OH after an absence. My surgery was in July 2009 and I did well with maintaining until about 2 years ago - long story short, I was taking care of everyone but myself, and now have 30 lbs of regain to tackle. I'm on the way, though, and have lost 6 lbs. of that regain so far.

I am so sorry to hear of your health struggles. But I DO know how our grandchildren can motivate us! Mine live in other states but we make every effort to see them as much as possible - but caring for elderly parents has complicated the calendar for sure.

You are ABSOLUTELY in my prayers and I do believe in prayer. We don't always hear the answers but the answers come. We don't always understand the reasons for trials in our lives, and it's certainly not that we did anything to "deserve" them. But they come, and through them we draw on our deepest internal selves and on our higher power/God/whatever you call it. Remember, your name is written on the palm of His hand.

Moma V.
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RNY on 11/22/04 with

Thank you for responding and for the prayers.

I need all I can get, I'm losing my mind over here. Dr's, Dr's Dr's.

Thank you.




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Quite a Journey. Prayers!


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