I Have Fallen Off the Wagon, Drug it Threw the Mud, and Set The Wagon on Fire and Watched...

on 2/27/20 11:02 am
VSG on 10/17/14

I rarely post on here. Which is part of the problem. I am not a part of the bariatric community locally or online. My username is FitChickinOnederland. This is no longer true. My lowest weight was 157 (I thought I was a fat whale). Had a panniculectomy almost 2 years ago, finally had a flat stomach and STILL thought I was a land whale. Here I am on February 27, 2020 I sit at 217 pounds. I have gained a whopping 60 lbs. Feeling sick, I went to the immediate care center a few months ago, and test revealed that my sugar was elevated. I was probably 20 pounds lighter, so I can only imagine what it is now. Last night, my aunt noticed a dark spot on my neck, my mom noticed it too. A slight discoloration, just like when I was insulin resistant at 314 pounds. That was my breaking point. My rock bottom. I am not going back to Metformin, I am not going back to my blood pressure meds, bladder problems, joint issues. Not fitting in desk, restaurant booths, seat belts, shopping in plus size stores. I cannot. I will not. I refuse to go up another size.

I will be using the next 39 days of Lent to get back on track. Getting back to the bariatric basics. I just had my first meeting with my campus dietitian, and we're coming up with a game plan. I have been attending Over Eaters Anonymous meetings, and I just got a sponsor. I will also be looking into getting a personal trainer on campus, once my finances allow me to do so.

I am posting here as accountability. I need to immerse myself in the bariatric community. It's one thing to be a part of the weight loss community, but people who just lost weight, don't understand WLS struggles. I need WLS surgery buddies. If anyone wants to, please reach out to me. I have amazing friends, but they don't understand WLS. I need bariatric friends. Message me if you want to connect.

on 3/9/20 10:14 am - CA

Hello FitChickinOnederland!

I really feel for you. You are on the right track. You're taking all positive steps - Good For YOU. All those signs brought back so many memories for myself. The dark ring at the neck is heartbreaking. Remember how great it was when it disappeared. Its has been 15 years ago that I had my surgery. Weighing in at a full 346. I got to just under 200 at my lowest, could never loose more than that. I am at a steady 215. I wish I could loose more weight and can relate to your story. We start eating normal again and it is very difficult to find our way back. My prayers are with you and everyone with this struggle.


Deborah Nunez
Anita Jo
on 5/29/20 10:07 am - Elmira, NY

hi fitchickinonederland,

i am here for you.... i habe it rough too.. it sure is hard.. i do keto off and on...it will be 17 years this august that i had my RNY. we can be friends. Anita

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