20 Years Post Op This Month!

on 5/5/20 2:37 pm

Hello! I was a member on here a looong time ago, when I had my surgery. This year, on May 19, I am 20 years post op. I have lost and kept off about 125#. Yes, I've gained some back. I had a Roux-En-Y. The main takeaway, for me, was that I have not developed heart problems or diabetes due to my weight, as has EVERYONE in my immediate family (who are all still morbidly obese). I have lost both of my parents. I am 55 years old, now, and pretty darn healthy except for depression and anxiety issues (which I always had, anyway). I've not delved into the world of bariatrics for quite a long time, but I'm curious to know if there's any out there that might be appropriate for me at this point in time. I'd do it again! I am at 200#, and nothing I do seems to help me lose weight any more. Recently, I've felt like maybe things are growing together down there, because I can eat very little. Anyway... glad to be back on the site. Hope you all are well! Stay safe out there in this crazy world. ~ Lisa Spinale, Mesa, Arizona

on 5/8/20 10:54 am

Thank you for sharing! Your words of encouragement are inspiring! Real-life experiences!

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