MTV -True Life ...I'm Obese

on 7/20/04 4:40 am - PA
Hi all, I just wanted to let you guys know that MTV has a show called True Life - I'm Obese. It is an hour long show that takes a look at WLS and being obese. I've watched it a few times now. It's worth watching. Check your local listings for it. Take care Jen
Christi L.
on 7/23/04 5:21 am - Houston, TX
Is this the show that Corey is on?
on 8/5/04 9:21 am
- yes it is the show that corey is on
Amy Williams
on 8/21/04 5:48 am
Hi Jen! I'm glad you liked the show! I'm one of the ones that was on there! I'm sure it will be reairing sometime during the next few months if anyone missed it Amy
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