Clothes Swap Out????

Kim W.
on 9/21/11 11:40 pm - TX
VSG on 03/15/11 with
 Don't y'all think we need a classifieds on OH to trade out clothes since we're going in and out of sizes so fast now?!  I do!

So who is still transitioning?  I am 6 months out and down from a 22 to a 16 and the 16s are all loose and baggy on me.....anyone have any 14s they want to get rid of because now you're in a 12?  Any 18's out there looking for some 16's?

Let's help each other out!  

Kim W., 26, Arlington, TX
Diana C.
on 9/22/11 7:11 am - Austin, TX
RNY on 06/28/11 with
Me and Kaila had a similar idea.  Yeah, I think that's a great idea, but we didn't know how/who to ask here at OH to get that up and going.  I'm in a size 20 now and need 18s.  Think its a great idea though.
(deactivated member)
on 9/27/11 3:24 am - RI
DIANA!!!! We totally did have this idea..

As mentioned in that thread (can't remember where).. I know I did mention that there are sometimes clothing swaps at your support groups. If there isn't, you can try asking your support group leader if this is something you can start up. Do it once a would save people lots of money and I think they would totally be down to try it!!

I would probably advise for "gently worn" used clothing, as you don't want to end up with shirts and jeans that have tons of stains, little holes, etc.

Diana C.
on 9/27/11 6:16 am - Austin, TX
RNY on 06/28/11 with
We totally did have this idea!

I went to my first support group meeting last night and everyone there was over 50+ (possibly over 60+).  My husband and I were the only "young ones". Not trying to be mean but I dunno if I wanna be swapping out clothes with them, lol
Brittnie S.
on 9/22/11 12:13 pm - NV
There use to be a link on here for that but I havent seen in a while. My suggestion to you is if you find someone who wants to trade clothes with you just work it out between the 2 of you. Thats what I have done before. I'd say that I would trade you my 14s for your 16s but I'm trying to keep my faith that I will fit back into them some day. Ive ben back up to a 16 for the last year probably and nothing I seem to do will get me back into a 14. Gotta keep my faith though
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