Feeling lost

on 6/29/16 8:40 pm

I just turned 26 years old and I have been suffering with weight loss for the better part of my life. I have tried everything, diets, exercise, calorie counting, trying to run which eventually turns into almost dying. I have wanted weight loss surgery since 2013 but my insurance wouldn't cover it. Now I'm under new insurance that possibly will.... but I have questions. Can anyone possibly help me out? Kinda questions I have are how much weight did you lose? How does your body look after you have reached your peak weight loss? Will insurance cover cosmetic surgery? And how long was your recovery time? Just to name a few. 

Thank you in advance. 

on 9/17/17 6:34 pm
VSG on 08/23/17

I cant Answer all your question i had surgery august 23rd so i am just a month out but it is worth it i have been struggling with weight just as you have and i finally did it due to the insurance coverage thankfully. A month out im already seeing a difference you just have to absolutely follow everything your surgeon says and walk alot. I had the Sleeve was in the hospital for 3 days which was basically the only days of pain i had plus one or two didn't even use my pain killers once i left the hospital. After that you mainly just have stomach soreness cramping from the main incision. My doctor informed not to check my weight till my one month appointment but i do know i have lost more than 20.

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