DOUBLE POST- Stolen before and afters and update!

on 1/7/15 4:24 am

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share this with you all. You got to love when a big online magazine with 18 million followers steals your before and after, cuts your watermark off it and posts it to their facebook wall. 402,000 likes?!?! My facebook is flooded with hundreds of friends requests and emails from 120 girls asking me how to lose weight. WTF!!!! LOL!





Here is an updated photo from last month of my partner Lesa and I. Lesa had gastric bypass 9 years ago and has maintained her 130 lb weight loss! I had gastric bypass in 2011 and have lost 171 lbs!! On the left I was around 305-311lbs and on the right I weigh 140 lbs.



Please follow my journey on instagram. My instagram name is peace_train.


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