I'll make the first post of 2018

on 10/23/18 5:22 am
VSG on 12/27/18

Wow! You've made such tremendous progress already and you haven't even had your surgery yet! Me too, I'm in the pre-op time when I have to fulfill the requirements. I've lost 7 pounds so far, but need to lose a total of 15 by 11/14/18 when I meet with my surgeon to schedule my surgery. I was dreading having it around the holidays too, but tbh, when I thought about it, I realized that it's the best time to have it. The reason being is the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas especially) are when we typically binge the most and gain a lot of weight. If we are already jump-starting our weight loss during those high-gain times, then once the new year comes around it'll be smooth sailing!


5'6" Female 31 years old

HW: 273 / SW: 261 / GW:140

on 10/29/18 7:07 am
VSG on 11/26/18

that's right!! If we can make it through the holidays, we can do it anytime of the year. At least that's what I tell myself.

Don't worry too much about the weight loss. 7 lbs. is a great start and unless the surgeon believes you need to lose 15 to make it medically safe for the procedure....I can't see them denying you the surgery. Also don't compare you to me. They say a lot of guys drop a lot of weight quickly in the pre-op stage. But women often have the greatest losses in the long term. Like I said in another post. I lost 35 lbs, but the majority of that was Feb-June, and I've only lost a few more lbs since.

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