Fitness Challenge - August 3rd

Lee ~
on 8/3/10 12:09 am - CA
Hello Team!

Join in anytime, whether you've started this challenge from the beginning, or just now wanting more accountability in your daily movement.

For me, I would never have had the movement success in the last three months, without this challenge to always do the best I can.

Yesterday kicked my growing smaller booty.  My trainer (son) says we're going for a redux today.

Here's the plan:
Walk 3 miles to work
Walk 30 minutes at lunchtime
Walk 3 miles home from work
Gym - Elliptical, crunches and stretching, maybe some bike if I'm not d.e.a.d. by then.  Yesterday the first three walks were 25K steps.  I wonder if I can repeat that again today.

How are you challenging yourself today?

Diana, where are you darlin.  We're missing you around here.  I hope you come back soon!

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Jody ***
on 8/3/10 12:42 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
Zumba tonight - I WILL go to Zumba, I WILL go to Zumba, I WILL go to Zumba, I WILL go to Zumba... keep repeating as needed to convince myself!!

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Regain 30 lbs from 2012 to 2016 - got back on track and lost it.  Took 8 months. 
90+/- pounds lost      
BMI - 24 or so
Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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on 8/3/10 1:56 am
Geeze Lee you overachievers are killing me! I need to get my butt in gear. got a doctors appt today so after I will try and get to the senior center ....yes I said it! ....senior center!! Your Tough I tell ya ....Tough (tugging at tie)......see ya
on 8/3/10 2:06 am - VA
3 walks so far....

5'1" -- HW 195/SW 187/GW 115 July 08/CW 121 Dec 2012

Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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Lightweights Board!
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on 8/3/10 9:48 am - Round Rock, TX
Last couple of days I've been spreading 3 1/2 cubic yards of decomposed granite (about 7500 lbs) and today I walked back and forth with a roller compressing it. My son and I set posts, did a pergola top and lattice, now I have the planting left.  It's 100 degrees here so maybe I'll hold off on that.  I'm about to head out on a 3 mile walk around the lake at 8:30 or 9:00.  I'm drinking another 20 oz of Crystal Light before I go and taking one with me.  I hopped on the scale yesterday thinking I'd been sweating off at least 5 lbs....but no.  On the bright side, my yard has a nice new feature.
on 8/3/10 11:31 pm - OR
Still recovering from the knee injury, but got in a 2 mile run and about 3 1/2 miles of walking.
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